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Draymond Green talks about the admiration he had for Grant Hill and Kobe Bryant when growing up

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Draymond Green is one of the most vocal players in the NBA, and a great mentor for the young players on the Warriors, most precisely their young stud James Wiseman. Getting drafted in the second round at the age of 22, Green had to find and create his role within the team. He was able to do just that, becoming an essential piece in all of their championship runs. Today as a seasoned veteran, Green provides advice on every occasion he can and wants to inspire just like two players inspired him when coming to the NBA.

In a recent interview for the podcast Dubs Talk with Dorrell Wright, Draymond talked about his two favorite players growing up that inspired him the most when he came to the NBA. Grant Hill and Kobe Bryant were two players he admired growing up.

The two? Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill. The thing that stood out to me, the first time I played against Kobe, I think I've told this story before, but when I came into the NBA, I was star struck by two guys: One was Kobe, and the other was Grant Hill. "I grew up in Michigan watching Grant Hill play the Pistons with the turquoise and maroon jerseys, teal, whatever it was, and Grant Hill was amazing. So I was star struck by Grant Hill and Kobe.

Draymond Green, via Dubs Talk

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Green also shared an interesting anecdote of his first encounter with Kobe that happened right after his pregame warmup. All those stories about Kobe's dedication and preparation Green was able to witness that day when he saw Kobe come to the gym almost 4 hours earlier to prepare for the game. He remembers just sitting and watching in awe as Kobe was going through his routine, absorbing all the knowledge he can get from observing one of the best and hardest working players in NBA history.

I think the thing that stood out to me the most about playing against Kobe that first time was his pregame warmup. I finished my pregame warmup early. As a rookie, you get there at like 3:30, 3:45 for a 7:30 game. As soon as I finished my warmup, he was coming on the floor, which No. 1 threw me off because I'm like why is he working out at 4 o'clock? It's a 7:30 game. I sat there and watched his entire workout realizing why he worked out for so long. He worked out for like 40 minutes. And I sat there and watched the entire workout. By the time I finished watching his entire workout, I had missed my lift, my treatment -- as a young guy you get the early slots and once you miss it it's over. I had missed everything.

Draymond Green, via Dubs Talk

As a young kid coming to the big boys league, just watching Kobe workout felt like a dream come true for Draymond and a moment he will forever cherish.

"I think for me personally that was a moment in my life where it was just like, yo, I'm sitting here watching Kobe. Nothing else really mattered to me at that point."

Draymond Green, via Dubs Talk


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