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Draymond Green shares the toughest players he had to guard


Draymond Green is one of the best and definitely the smartest defender of his era. As an undersized five, Green was crucial for the creation of The Death Lineup. His versatility and ability to read the game made the Warriors domination possible. 

Not everyone likes Draymond. He talks a lot, doesn't sugarcoat his opinions, and isn't afraid to say the unpopular thing. But his defensive resume is undeniable, and that's why everyone respects Green's ability to talk basketball. In his first stint as a guest member on Inside the NBA, Green immediately proved his knowledge when he dissected Nikola Jokić's defensive mistakes and lack of effort. 

So when asked about the toughest players he had to guard, we knew there would be an interesting answer there. The first guy was obvious. The most unguardable player in the NBA. 

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"Kevin Durant. Nobody is impossible to guard, but he is as close to impossible as it gets."

Draymond Green, Bleacher Report

Gotta love the confidence. "Nobody is impossible to guard." That attitude is a major part of Draymond's success. The second guy is a lot more interesting. I'm sure a lot of names probably popped into your mind before this player did - if he did at all. The one, the only:

"And Manu Ginobili. He used to move downhill, but moving sideways. The moment you see him moving to the left -- euro step."

Draymond Green, Bleacher Report

A completely different player than Kevin Durant, but with one important similarity. His go-to move was so good that even when you knew what he was going to do, Manu would still get you with the euro step. What shouldn't go unnoticed is the fact those moves worked because the players mentioned have complete games. It may sound simple, but the fact Durant and Ginobili can pass, dribble, and shoot is crucial. It keeps you honest and prevents you from fully committing to stopping the thing you know is probably coming. 

The moral of the story for all young kids developing their game - work on your fundamentals, kids. Steph Curry's three-pointer opened up when he developed a strong inside game. If you want to be a nightmare for the best defenders out there, the recipe is simple - pass, dribble and shoot. 

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