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Draymond Green on the MJ-LeBron debate: "They're both GOATs."

Draymond feels the GOAT arguments are pointless.
LeBron and MJ might respect each other, but their fans are vastly different.

LeBron and MJ might respect each other, but their fans are vastly different.

The GOAT conversation and debate often brings up the fire amongst NBA fans, as they love to passionately debate why Jordan or LeBron deserves the label or why one is better than the other. It's fun at times, but the conversation has been so milked that some people are sick of the arguing overshadowing how great these two players are. At least Draymond Green feels that way.

Appreciate the greatness

LeBron's most recent feat has been rising rapidly on the scoring charts, climbing to #2 only behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. On this pace, LeBron will break the record midway through the next season, and history will be made, but that doesn't mean this will make LeBron the GOAT or add too much to his legacy:

"Everyone talks about when LeBron passes Kareem, does that make him the GOAT? I don't think him becoming the No. 1 scorer makes him any more of the GOAT than he already is."

Draymond Green, The Draymond Green Show

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That is not a diss in any way from Draymond, but rather a compliment to LeBron. He feels his career is already so accomplished and great that adding the scoring record will only be one of the numerous accolades on his wall.

Draymond also went on a rant on the MJ-LeBron GOAT debate, explaining how people get caught up in the argument instead of admiring how great both of them were, calling them two GOAT's:

“What I don’t like to get into is, ‘Oh, is LeBron the GOAT over Michael Jordan?’ No, LeBron is a GOAT, and Michael Jordan’s a GOAT, and they’re both incredible, and they never played against each other...But yet we get in sports, and we get in basketball, and it gotta be LeBron James against Michael Jordan as the GOAT and who’s the best. They’re both incredible. They’re both great. They’re both GOATs."

Draymond Green, The Draymond Green Show

It's just how sports are. We compare players against each other and create stories and narratives. Fans love it despite LeBron and MJ never playing against each other because they can debate and compare how their guy would have matched up with his archrival.

It's a good take from Draymond, who is sick of all the bickering when it comes to these two instead of hearing compliments for their illustrious careers. But it's still funny to see how Draymond is going to war for LeBron's legacy after battling him for numerous Finals and creating a heated rivalry.

But nowadays, they are buddies and business partners, as Draymond is under the Klutch Sports umbrella, often voicing his support for LeBron and his success. It's disappointing to see how players today always end up being buddies, unlike the old-school era when stars actually rivaled each other on and off the court.

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