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Draymond Green on Dwyane Wade: "I think it's good to see him go out on a high note"


Last night the Miami Heat played against the Golden State Warriors and even though it was just another regular season game, this was the last time Dwyane Wade played in the Oracle Arena. Wade is shown love pretty much anywhere he visits and this game in the Bay Area was no different.

Even though they played exceptionally well for the majority of the game the Heat lost 118-120. However, the impressions after were predominantly turned towards Dwyane Wade and what he's meant for the league and some of the Warriors players themselves.

Draymond Green is one of those guys and he said Dwyane Wade was a big inspiration for him when entering the NBA since both Green and Wade were undersized for the positions they were playing in the league.

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Oh man, he's been incredible. D-Wade was an inspiration for me, he was undersized. When D-Wade came into the league he was an undersized two guard. He beat all odds being a Finals MVP, a three-time champion, a million all-star appearances, a million all-NBA teams. I think D-Wade also made some defensive teams if I'm not mistaken. He had an incredible career and everything he did for that organization. It's been amazing, and yet, still out there playing well. If you looked at D-Wade three years ago, you were probably worried if it's finally over. And he has battled out of it. It's good to see a guy, as good as D-Wade to go out on a strong note. You don't want to see a guy limp out of the game. I think it's good to see D-Wade being amazing this year and go out on a high note.

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