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Draymond Green has something to say about Karl Anthony Towns and Stat Chasing

Draymond Green & Karl-Anthony Towns

After KAT made comments about Russell Westbrook, Green stepped in.

The Los Angeles Lakers are having a rather underwhelming season so far despite starting the season with much optimism due to the many acquisitions by the front office, none bigger than the deal that brought Russel Westbrook to Los Angeles. As the Lakers are now two games under .500, the mercurial point guard has become the punching bag of media pundits globally. However, it seems like players are now getting in on the fun when it comes to Russ.

“He chases stats, but I think he’s a helluva player though” - Karl Anthony Towns on Russell Westbrook.

It’s easy to pile on the Lakers right now, as the once title hopefuls look like a team that would be fortunate just to make it to the play-in tournament. But the Minnesota Timberwolves have not been good for a while now and are currently neck-and-neck with the Lakers at the bottom of the Western Conference playoff picture. Draymond Green, who is not known to mince words, took to social media to give Karl Anthony Towns a taste of his own medicine.

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“I once watched from the bench due to us beating the Twolves ass and he was in the game down 20 with 2 mins to go. Come on man. Stop talking to people about the “bros” and yelling “this is a brotherhood”. SMH” - Draymond Green.

Only Russ would know if he is truly chasing stats or not, but if you watch the Lakers play basketball, he is not the main problem. Everyone not named LeBron James is playing with either reckless abandon or a glaring lack of effort and focus, merely pointing out the fact that Russell Westbrook is not a winning player is a gross oversimplification of the issues. 

In that regard, it’s nice to see a winning player such as Draymond come to Westbrook’s defense and call out a young player who has not accomplished anything yet to talk smack about some of the players that paved the way for the youngsters in this league to have success. Chasing stats or not, Russ is a great player. So, to pile on him now shows a lack of maturity from Towns’ end, especially when he has probably done the same in his young career.

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