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Draymond Green discusses the most difficult part of the NBA -“We playing against the sorry motherf*****s, I can’t play

Green may have point, but he just painted a big target on the Warriors for when they play against these so called "bad" teams this upcoming season
Draymond Green discusses the most difficult part of the NBA

Draymond Green

Draymond Green is notorious for being unbashful regarding his commentary on the NBA and its players. It probably got him in trouble with the Golden State Warriors, as he reportedly threw punches at his teammate Jordan Poole during a recent practice. But that's who Green is, and nothing will cause him to change.

Green throws shade at the NBA's worst teams

Being an NBA player is hard, and it's a lot harder when you draw all the attention in the media that Green draws to himself. There are things that many players enjoy about being in the NBA, and things that those same players don't like.

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Green clearly loves the game of basketball and causing a stir in the media every now and then, but when asked what he doesn't enjoy about the NBA, Green unloaded on some of the worst teams in the league.

Green said he struggles to motivate himself to play against the worst teams in the league because the Warriors typically destroy those teams. Green singled out the Sacramento Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder as two teams he doesn't enjoy facing for those reasons, which has drawn a lot of attention from folks around the rest of the NBA.

Green's explanation does make a bit of sense

While Green will catch a bit of flak for firing unprompted shots at the Kings and Thunder here, he does have a bit of a point. Playing against top-level competition often brings out the best in players because they know they must be at their best if they want to win. But when you are playing against a bad team, that isn't necessarily true.

If you are a Warriors fan, it's a bit concerning to see Green admit that he struggles to find the motivation to play against these teams, even if he has an explanation. You typically want your favorite team's players to go out and do their best every game, but Green is openly saying that sometimes he can't get himself to do that, which is pretty eye-opening.

Whatever the case, Green may have painted a target on the Warriors heading into the 2022-23 season from some of these worse teams. Things like this don't go over well most of the time, as the old "bulletin board material" adage comes into play. Green provided a lot of that material to a lot of different teams in the league, and Golden State and Green may hear it if they ended up getting upset by one of these teams during the season.

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