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Draymond Green defends LeBron James from booing fans: "Let's not be spoiled brats"

Draymond Green shield LeBron James from criticisms; calls Lakers fans spoiled brats
Draymond Green defends LeBron James

Draymond Green defends LeBron James

LeBron James and Draymond Green shared many wars against each other on the court but off it; there's mutual respect shared between the versatile forwards. So it's not surprising the outspoken Warrior gave the booing Lakers fans a piece of his mind, and he didn't mince his words.

"Let's not be spoiled brats"

When the Lakers fans rained down boos in L.A. in back-to-back games, which the Lakers both lost, the internet world had different reactions. Some claim the frustrations were justified, while others were disgusted with the privileged attitude—Count Draymond Green among those who criticized the fans for booing LeBron and the Lakers.

"I thought that was pathetic. I thought it was extremely pathetic, and like I said, I thought it was very distasteful from a fanbase of an organization that has the most championships in the NBA. Lets not be like spoiled brats. It's okay to be spoiled, like ya, you can 100% be spoiled, we all get spoiled by things at times at one point in our life or another, but let's not be brats. That was about as bratty as something I've seen. Considering that this team just won a championship not even a full two years ago. And now you're booing? I thought it was utterly ridiculous."

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The Lakers fans are accustomed to winning, but they should stay loyal to their team through thick and thin. You can't be a fan only when the team is winning. LeBron James already said that he's with the fans when they boo him and the Lakers, and he's also with them when they cheer him on. So that's a classy response to what Green labeled as a "pathetic" gesture from Lakers fans.

Green and James may have battled on the finals stage more than once but the respect has always been there, even when things got chippy.

Why the sudden hate?

Many teams are also struggling, but fans don't shower them with boos. So what's the difference with the Lakers? The team is supposed to win with how they tinkered the roster to fit James and Anthony Davis' wishes. They signed veterans despite the availability of younger options.

There's a disconnect between members of the team. The memes are proof of that. When the front office stood its ground that the current players needed to find the solution among themselves, fans expected to get some breakthrough games. But luck was not on the L.A. Lakers side either. It's nearing the playoffs, and James is in danger of missing the play-in tournament. If he and the rest could turn things around and make a deeper run in the playoffs, it would be nice to see the fans' reaction. They should expect another sharp response from Draymond Green. 


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