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Draymond Green believes that the Golden State Warriors will win three of the next four championships

Draymond Green had one message for the NBA: The Golden State Warriors are just getting started
Draymond Green explains why the Warriors will win three out of four next championships

Draymond Green at the championship parade

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green continues to spend his offseason podcasting and sharing his insights and experience after winning his fourth NBA championship. Aside from going back and forth with Kendrick Perkins and Skip Bayless, Green continues pushing the Warriors' dynasty's propaganda in all his past episodes.

Not four but seven

Speaking of the Warriors' golden dynasty, Draymond believes this is only the beginning of their second reign. The four-time champion made the bold claim that the Warriors will win three of the following four championships thanks to the growth of Stephen Curry, their young core, and new rotation pieces this season.

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"In 2019 was when Steph really locked in on the weight room, and so that's when he starts taking that bump, and although it didn't show immediately cause in 2020 we were terrible, and he broke his hand. You start seeing in 2021, we were still terrible, but Steph was carrying us, and he carried us to the play-in game, and we didn't get past that, and it was probably great because we'd gotten swept, and that would have been the first series, we've ever got swept," Green said.

"I think you started to see it then that growth. Nobody can stop this dude, and I think that really changed the complexity of our organization. I'm pretty certain that's why we'll win 3 of the next 4 NBA championships," Green added.

Does Draymond make sense?

With the way the Warriors dominated this season, it's justifiable for Green to tell the world that the Warriors can win three of the following four championships. They were easily the most well-experienced and well-oiled team in the Playoffs. It also is important to point out that Curry doesn't look like he's slowing down and that Klay Thompson and Green proved they can still compete at the highest level when it matters most.

That said, while Green may be confident the Warriors can win more titles, he's also setting the bar extremely high for the organization for the next few years. Yes, it's vital to constantly aim high, especially if you're the wealthiest team in the league, but given how talented the league is today, the Warriors aren't sure locked to win the next three titles.

Ultimately, it's great to hear Draymond still believes in his squad. Remember, many didn't expect Golden State to win another championship after losing Kevin Durant, but they did and proved to everyone that they can always build a mighty roster that will succeed no matter who's in front of them. 

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