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Donovan Mitchell with a $12 million donation for scholarships and a new gym

donovan mitchell

Donovan Mitchell is winning at life on all fronts. After signing a five-year deal worth $195 million with Utah Jazz, Mitchell announced he would be donating some of his wealth back to the community. He agreed to donate $12 million to Greenwich Country Day School, from which he graduated back in 2012.

His family is also involved in this donation because he and his younger sister Jordan Mitchell attended the school, while his mother, Nicole Mitchell, taught there from 2007 until 2019. That is the largest single pledge donation in its history. This donation's primary goal is to provide aid for low-income students to attend, alongside an annual 'faculty support fund' which will serve as a financial reward for the selected teachers and help build the new gymnasium.

According to Head of School Adam Rohdie, one part of the donation will go to the Mitchell Faculty Support fund, which will be used for teachers 'in each division in the school who have been at GCDS for at least 3 years, and demonstrated passions, enthusiasm, optimism, and love for the children. All that was inspired by Donovan's mom Nicole who set an excellent example for the kids and other teachers at the school.

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The new gym will be named the D.O.N, which stands for 'The Determination Over Negativity Mitchell Family Athletic Center. It will be a state of the art gymnasium that will have an NCAA regulation court and stands on each side, which is a significant upgrade compared to what the school had so far.

Mitchell attended the school from his third to ninth grade and expressed his content and pride for doing something that will impact the lives of numerous kids attending the school.

"Man this means so much to me! Not just building a brand new gym but giving scholarships to less fortunate kids who normally wouldn't have the opportunity to attend private school!"

Donovan Mitchell, via Twitter

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