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Donovan Mitchell calls out a coach

Donovan Mitchell

We often see tears from players after achieving milestones in their career. Whether it's a championship, a record or entering Hall of Fame, a lot of emotion come to surface. Very often, they mention people from their lives when they were starting their basketball journey, when they were just one of a thousand kids trying to make it through high school and college level, to get that one chance to be noticed.

Unfortunately, we have a chance to see some of the struggles these young athletes have to overcome on their way to success. Mike Woodbury, the owner of Nation Christian Academy in Florida admitted to Jeff Goodman from the Stadium that the video of him going on a rant towards Marvens Petition is credible.

In this video (warning, the content is full of explicit language), Woodbury threatened Petition after he expressed the desire to transfer. Woodbury went so far to threaten Petition he will send him back to Haiti. "I control transcripts. I control where you go next. It could be back to Haiti, motherf---. That’s how easy it is for me. I’m gonna take everything from you, and let it be known—I’m saying it aloud—I’m gonna take everything from you. I’m gonna end everything you’ve ever had."

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Not all coaches and heads of programs are like this, but the tape is quite sobering to the kind of treatment some of these young athletes go through. Luckily, NBA players are using their agency more to speak out on issues like these. This case drew attention of Donovan Mitchell who made sure his message is herd.

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