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Donald Trump Jr. slams LeBron: “Is there a bigger b-tch in pro sports than LaSnitch?”

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The hatred between the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the NBA community was so big and apparent that the classic visits to the White House from champions became a thing of the past before Biden took over. One of the loudest critics? Who else than the face of the NBA, LeBron James.

Social justice warrior

LeBron has never been the one to shy away from voicing his opinion on matters outside of basketball. From social problems to politics, “King James” always comes out with his point of view. Some people love it, while some hate it. While Donald Trump was president, like many citizens, LeBron was unhappy with the direction the US was heading to, often voicing his displeasure and disrespecting Trump.

When Biden won the elections, LeBron was one of the happiest and loudest supporters. That obviously rubbed Trump and his camp wrong, as he himself didn’t shy away from publicly criticizing James. It was a two-way hatred, as the animosity hasn’t settled down even post Trump’s mandate.

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Trump Jr. fires shot at LeBron

Earlier this week, LeBron made headlines after going out of his way to have two Pacers fans thrown out of the arena for trash-talking him. It was a crazy situation in which LeBron got massively hated for this action, as he got labeled soft. Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram to harshly call out LeBron.

Trump Jr. would even go on in the comments, calling him out for flopping and constantly complaining. These are all the types of comments we see from LeBron haters on a daily basis, as Donald fitted into the stereotype perfectly.

Even though I myself thought LeBron was acting extremely soft for going out of his way to throw out some fans, after hearing the rumors about what was said about LeBron and his family, I completely justified it. If the rumors are true, I applaud James for keeping so calm. If put in the same situation, a lot of people would snap. Nevertheless, there is no point for such a public person like Donald Trump Jr. to explicitly call out LeBron for something so minor. But I guess attention is a hard drug.

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