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Does Bronny James have the talent to make it to the NBA?


LeBron James Jr. is now 17 years old, and reports claim he has offers from elite programs such as Duke, Kansas University, Kentucky, North Carolina, and UCLA. Does James have the talents to make it big in college and eventually in the NBA?

Bronny gets more offers than the #1 prospect at his position

Bronny is ranked 13th in the 2023 ESPN Top Point Guards list. The highest-ranked point guard in the 2023 class right now is D.J. Wagner. The Camden, NJ native has a 95 grade and a 5-star rating. There is no listed recruiting activity or player news on his profile, which means either his team has been in talks with college programs for scholarships secretly, or Wagner has no offers until now. 

It's mind-boggling that the top-ranked point guard still has no formal offers, or it could be that his profile on the ESPN list has not been updated yet. In contrast to James Jr.'s profile, where the school list features Duke, Kansas University, Kentucky, North Carolina, and UCLA, fans wonder, is LeBron James affecting how programs value the 2023 draft class?

Being the son of what many consider the GOAT certainly has its perks. There's the marketing side of things -- fans would want to watch how Bronny fares in college games, which means more national TV coverage and sponsorships in the future. Also, his dad is one of the most trusted brand ambassadors among athletes, and it's not surprising if the sponsors of LeBron would offer Bronny or his team deals in the future. 

Aside from the marketing aspect, giving Bronny scholarships is one step in making LeBron James' ultimate dream come true playing with his son in the NBA. It will be a fitting finale for LeBron's career if he gets to play with or against his son in the pros. 

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Does Bronny possess the talents to make it in the NBA?

Bronny's progress depends on his desire to improve. Barring any injuries along the way, he has the skills to play in the NBA. In a report published by Krysten Peek for Yahoo! Sports, an unknown scout declared Bronny brings more to the table than having a famous surname. 

"Bronny has been a positive surprise," Peek said. "He's shown me he's more than a last name, he can make shots and handle the ball. He's very even-keeled for someone who's under the microscope."

In fairness to LeBron's firstborn, having him as a dad brings so much pressure and burden, especially when taking up basketball as a profession. Especially since LeBron, when he was around Bronny's age, was much more NBA-ready. 

For his part, Bronny got the court smarts that his famous father has. He is a willing passer, but there is more promise to his upside if he grows a couple of more inches. Right now, James Jr. is 6'3" and weighs 180 pounds. If he gets to the 6'5" or 6'6" level, he could be a bigger threat for the point guard position. 

Bronny James does not need to be great like his father. There can only be one LeBron James. What James Jr. needs to do is to focus on working hard and constantly adding something new to his game. Having a famous father helps, but Bronny does not need LeBron to make it to the NBA. He just needs to be the best version of himself. 

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