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Doc Rivers shares why he doesn't want the NBA to change its logo

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A few days ago, Kyrie Irving said it would be wise if the NBA would change the existing featuring Jerry West to the one that would have Kobe Bryant. Kyrie's reasoning behind that suggestion is that the black kings built this league, implying Kobe is one of those players who earned respect to consider if the league decides to go along in introducing a new NBA logo. His statement got a lot of traction, with numerous NBA fans saying it's time to change the logo and Kobe being the best possible option to replace Jerry West.

Even though several NBA players and fans believe Kobe should be the new NBA logo, some people, like Doc Rivers, don't think there should be a change. For Rivers, if the league actually decides to change it, he believes Michael Jordan should be the new logo instead of Kobe.

I have been asked that, but I don't know the answer to that. I mean, Michael Jordan would be the logo. Listen, if you want a logo, Michael to me would be it. But I don't know if you change for change. You usually change things because of history, and you find something out that doesn't fit. Jerry has been a deserving logo, and I have no problem with him continuing to be the logo.

Doc Rivers

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Rivers argues that there is no point in changing the logo unless something historic happens that directly implies to the league. He admits he is probably one of the few people that believe there is no necessity in changing the logo anytime soon.

"I mean what are we going to do, change the logo every 10 or 20 years? So, I like our logo and I think we should probably stick with it. I am probably in the minority in that thought."

Doc Rivers

The current NBA logo has been there for several decades now, and whether the league actually is looking into changing it remains to be seen. If the fans and some players will continue to promote the change actively, maybe the league will go and put that decision into motion. It's interesting to hear that someone like Doc Rivers is still okay with the current logo when there is so much advocacy for the change. It's now up to the fans to wait and see if the NBA will listen and approve the change in the near future.


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