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Doc Rivers gets defensive when discussing his past teams' collapses: "I wish y'all would tell the whole story"

The pressure is rising ahead of tonight's Game 6 in Toronto
Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers

If there is one head coach in the NBA that has a reputation for blowing leads and crashing under high expectations, it's Doc Rivers. Although Doc is a long-tenured and respected coach that has had some success, the fact of the matter is that a few burnouts in the latter part of his coaching career have marked Doc. And now, with the Raptors looming and being in the position to possibly pull off the first 3-0 comeback in NBA history, Doc is feeling the heat.

Two sides to the story

Everything was looking great when Embiid hit the game-winning three-pointer to go up 3-0. At that point, a sweep was looking likely, but the resilient Raptors team has managed to snag two wins in a row, and they have a chance to tie things up in front of their rowdy crowd tonight.

If Game 7 in Philly happens, there is no way of predicting what's going to happen. But one thing is for sure. The atmosphere and tension will be sky-high, with the rugged Sixers fans ready to turn on their team if things sway the other way.

Naturally, the reporters are already stirring the pot and reminding Doc of his past mishaps and blown leads, and it seems Rivers has had enough. Doc explained the other side of the story, justifying his time in Orlando when he blew a 3-1 lead to the Pistons in 2004.

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"I wish y'all would tell the whole story with me. My Orlando team was the 8th seed. No one gives me credit for getting up against the Pistons that won the title. That was an 8th seed. Go look at roster. I dare you to go back and look at that roster. And you would say:'What a hell of a coaching job!'"

Doc Rivers, NBC Sports Philadelphia

Fair enough, that was an overachieving team, and nobody really blamed Doc too much for it. But the two times that the Clippers had championship aspirations and ended blowing 3-1 leads really hit hard on Doc's coaching pedigree:

"The Clipper team that we lost 3-1. Chris Paul didn't play in the first two games. And he was playing on one leg. And we didn't have homecourt. And then the last one we blew. We blew that. That was in the bubble. And anything can happen in the bubble. There's no home court. Game 7 would have been in LA."

Doc Rivers, NBC Sports Philadelphia

Well, that's a pretty thin list of excuses, and it's obvious Doc is getting defensive, with the thought of a possible 3-0 comeback irking him. Considering the Raptors have found their groove, while Embiid is struggling with an injury and Harden is looking like the shell of himself, it's only reasonable to believe this could happen.

"It just happens. I gotta do better always, always take my own responsibility. And then some of it, circumstances happen. This one, let's win it, and we don't have to talk about it", Doc concluded in the end.

One thing is for sure. Toronto will be buzzing tonight. And if they manage to force Game 7, after being down 3-0, all the momentum and mental advantage will be on the side of the Raptors. Rivers can only pray that he doesn't have to go home for Game 7 because this could be his last failure in Philly or any contending NBA team.

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