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Dirk Nowitzki writes a farewell letter to the Dallas Mavericks and his fans


After 21 seasons in the NBA, and most importantly 21 seasons with the same team, Dirk Nowitzki finally decided to retire and said his final goodbye to the game of basketball as a player. Dirk was faithful to only one franchise in his career and the Mavericks returned the favor by staying faithful to him throughout those years.

The mutual respect between Dirk and Mavs resulted in many playoff appearances and the ultimate prize, the NBA championship in 2011. Dirk will go down as one of the best power forwards in NBA history and definitely the best foreign player ever to lace them up and he did it with an unmatched modesty.

After his playing career is over, there is no doubt Dirk will remain working for the Mavs and there is already discussion about the possibility of an ownership role in the upcoming years after his retirement.

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In order to express his appreciation for the Dallas Mavericks and the relationship he developed with the organization, Dirk wrote a simple "Thank You" letter. Dirk's intention in the letter was to celebrate his relationship with the city of Dallas and the fans that followed him for over two decades.

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