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Dinwiddie intentionally missed so everyone could get Chick-fil-A


Spencer Dinwiddie is playing out of his mind right now. The difference in team performance and style of play between him and Kyrie is so extreme people are legitimately wondering who should be the starter. With his last nights' move, he locked up "fan player of the year." Dinwiddie intentionally missed two free throws so everyone could get free Chick Fil A. 

With 2:36 to go in the game, the Nets were up 121 -107 against the Hawks when Dinwiddie went to the free thrown line. Chick Fil A had a promotion - if a visiting player misses two free throws in a row in the fourth quarter everyone in the arena gets free Chik Fil A. When an 87% free throw shooter steps on the line, there's not much to hope for. Dinwiddie had other plans. A fan tweeted at him thanking him for lunch tomorrow, and Dinwiddie replied:

"Missed the second one on purpose. Wanted everybody to eat like the squad."

Spencer Dinwiddie

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A man of the people, Dinwiddie will find it hard to pay for drinks in Atlanta. On a more serious note, he has been playing really well since Kyrie's out and the Nets have bounced back in the standings with Dinwiddie in the starting lineup. To be fair, the schedule has been easier for the Nets compared to the start of the season, but the team has looked better as well.

A lot of coaches preach ball movement with the idea that everyone hustles more if the participate on offense. A lot of times the first few plays in a game are post-ups simply to engage the big man on defense. Just go look at Cleveland in LeBron's days. Most of the time, the first play was for Kevin Love. Phil Jackson constantly reminded Kobe to get the "big fella" involved more so they don't lose his engagement on defense.

The was Kyrie's plays disengages most of his teammates. He dominates the ball on offense and was never the hardest worker on defense. Kyrie is yet to build up equity with his teammates, and if the reports about his behavior are remotely true it's not gonna happen fast (if at all).

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