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Dennis Rodman reveals he’s never bought Air Jordans before

Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan won championships together but that's not enough for Rodman to buy his shoes.
Dennis Rodman reveals why he never bought Air Jordan's

Dennis Rodman never bought Air Jordan's

You would expect former teammates of Michael Jordan to support his apparel and shoes, but that is not the case for Dennis Rodman. In a surprising admission, the former Chicago Bull forward revealed he's not supporting MJ in that aspect.

"I've never bought a pair of Jordans in my life"

Dennis Rodman made a guest appearance on Complex's "Sneaker Shopping" hosted by Joe La Puma. It's a show which features celebrities and hoopers shopping for sneakers where they share stories and anecdotes connected to them. For Rodman, he shared something that completely caught fans off guard. He handpicked a Jordan 11 Bred and revealed he had not bought any Jordans before.

"It's amazing, I've never bought a pair of Jordans in my life. Ain't that a bitch? I used to play with this fucking guy, right? I don't hate you, Jordan. I love you to death, man. I love you, brother."

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Before things could escalate into a full-blown conflict with MJ ala Scottie Pippen, Dennis clarified that he has no beef with The Goat. It just so happened he's not bought his friend's shoes before. In the end, the 7-time NBA rebounding champion's bill amounted to $2,735.70. He purchased a Nike Dunk Low SB Pink Box priced at $1,225, Air Jordan 1 Black Metallic Gold at $426, Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred at $639, and Yeezy Slide Yellow Green at $277.

Dennis added that the shoes were for his son, so he probably stayed true to his confession.

What wearing Jordan meant for players

Wearing Jordans on the court could be a blessing or a curse. There's an added pressure to live up to it. DeMar DeRozan once claimed that Kobe Bryant got irked seeing him wear Jordans against the L.A. Lakers and his team paid the price.

"I said I'm not wearing his shoes and playing against him tonight, so I wore Jordans. He said, 'the fuck you got those on for?' He was mad at me for doing that, and he ended up hitting the game-winner on us. Talking trash and everything. Never put another pair of Jordans on."

Meanwhile, here's a bit of information for the young ones. The first endorsers of Jordans were Ray Allen, Derek Anderson, Vin Baker, Michael Finley, and Eddie Jones. Later on, the Jordan brand tapped Jason Kidd, Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, and Dwyane Wade as its ambassadors. However, the first ones to have their signature shoes were Carmelo Anthony (2004-05), Chris Paul (2007-08), and Russell Westbrook (2017-18). Among the current stars, Zion Williamson debuted his signature shoes on April 2021, while the signature shoes of Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum were reportedly going to be released soon.

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