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Dennis Rodman believes Shaquille O'Neal looked like a fool when endorsing various products: "People can see right through someone like Shaquille O'Neal"

Dennis Rodman didn't approve the business strategy Shaquille O'Neal used when promoting various brands and products
Dennis Rodman thinks Shaquille O'Neal looked like a fool when promoting a lot of the brands and products in his career

Dennis Rodman doesn't appreciate the business strategy Shaquille O'Neal uses when promoting various products

Dennis Rodman had a unique way of endorsing certain brands and products and never really appreciated other athletes who sold anything they would get a contract for by those companies. He even explains why Shaquille O'Neal is a perfect example of that, saying he often looked like a fool in all those commercials he was filming.

He looks like a fool 

When you are a famous athlete, various companies approach you wanting you to promote their products. Obviously, for the right price, athletes do it because sometimes the money is better than the actual contracts they have with their ball clubs. Some of these deals are short-term, but some are long-term partnerships between a specific brand and the athlete, like the one LeBron James has with Nike that made him a billionaire. 

Former NBA player and an absolute legend of the game, Dennis Rodman, didn't appreciate it when athletes, in this case, NBA players, put their faces on every single product that offered them some money for a commercial. In his book Walk On The Wild Side, Rodman said how people themselves could immediately tell which athlete they follow is honest about the product they are representing. He used the example of Shaquille O'Neal as someone who will endorse every product possible, and according to Rodman, he looks pretty ridiculous while doing all of his commercials because it seems insincere. 

"Some people wonder why companies would want someone as controversial as I am to pitch their products. I'll tell you why and everyone knows it. Consumers aren't total idiots. They can see right through someone like Shaquille O'Neal, who not only whores himself out to a million sponsors but acts like a damn fool. You'll see Shaq being inten/iewed on live TV and he'll say something like he just wants to be young, have fun, and drink Pepsi. Uh, yeah. No one could possibly believe that's what he really feels; it's such an obvious load of crap. He might as well dress up like a Pepsi can when he plays. No one should want to sell a product that bad. IT'S PATHETIC."

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Rodman used a different strategy when deciding on which brands he would represent. For him, it was important the product actually had a meaningful function and would benefit the consumer. 

"When I pitch, I have to do it my way. As long as a product serves a legitimate function and doesn't take its shit too seriously, I'm willing to help sell it"

The money is too easy

Rodman never really liked putting his name out there behind multiple brands and products and said most players do it because it's easy and immensely well paid. Numerous players lose themselves in the entire process of getting lucrative endorsement deals which is something Rodman tried to stir away from, and he is proud he always did everything on his own terms. 

"The whole idea of lending your name to some corporate cause is bizarre. It's temping to take some of these offers because the money is just so easy. This was especially true early in my career, before my salary was so high. It's easy now for me to be selective; back then it was damn hard not to jump at any opportunity. Luckily, I didn't have many offers until I started getting freaky, so the temptations pretty much weren't there. I am proud that I never sold out and never kissed any ass. But it's always a fine line when it comes to people selling your name."

In all honesty, it's not fair for Rodman to criticize Shaq for his business strategy because Shaq is one of the wealthiest athletes out there. Shaq even made more money with his business ventures than through his NBA contracts, which shows he knows what he is doing no matter if Rodman doesn't personally like it. As of 2022, Shaquille O'Neal's net worth is roughly $400 million, making him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. On the other hand, Rodman has a reported net worth of $500,000 even though he made over $43 million over his illustrious career. 

Obviously, net worth and money are not everything in life, but Rodman made some wrong financial decisions that decimated his earnings, while Shaq made all the right moves and is now a multi-millionaire. Everyone has a different strategy when endorsing brands and their products, and Rodman hated that entire process because it didn't feel natural, which is entirely fair. At the same time, guys like Shaq made the most out of it and are now considered one of the most successful NBA players that later turned into a businessman. 

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