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Dell Curry explains why Seth is convinced he's a better shooter than Steph


Dell Curry supported his sons' desire to become professional players, but school was always priority no.1. Dell saw a lot of guys with loads of potential flame out for many reasons and knew the chances for becoming an NBA player were very low. So when did he know Steph is a lock to make it to the pros?

“It was probably after Steph's sophomore year when they made that big run to the Elite Eight. I said 'He's going to be a top player, a top pick in the draft.'”

Dell Curry, The Rex Chapman Show

To the Knicks fans' eternal frustrations, the Warriors selected Wardell Stephen Curry II with the 7th pick in the 2009 Draft, and the rest is history. What about Seth? Well, Seth had a more difficult NBA path. The younger Curry brother had to start his college career at Liberty, then transferred to Duke only to go undrafted in the 2013 Draft. 

After that, there were many D-League teams and short NBA stints until Seth finally got a chance with the Kings - a two-year, $2 million guaranteed deal. That was in 2015. His brother had just led the Warriors to 67 regular-season wins, an NBA title, and won his first MVP. Steph could've easily told the Warriors to give his younger brother a contract, but that was never an option. Seth always wanted to make it on his own terms - no handouts. 

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Where did the confidence come from? Well, as it turns out Seth always felt he was the better Curry player, and just needed to find a place to give him the chance to prove it. 

“Seth had the mentality 'If Stephen's gonna [play in the NBA], I know I can do it. What are you talking about? I used to kill him in the backyard!' That's Seth's mentality right now. He'll tell you, 'I'm a better shooter than Steph, he just gets more shots. He has free rein, he touches the ball more.'”

Dell Curry, The Rex Chapman Show

When it comes to this season, Seth is shooting 44.2% from behind the arc on 4.6 attempts per game, while Steph is at 41.4% on 11.4 attempts per game. Seth's point about Steph having free reign stands, but I'm not sure that point works in his favor. The degree of difficulty on Steph's shot and everything the Warriors ask him to do is significantly more difficult than the shots and role Seth has on the 76ers

But the conviction Seth has was key in his success story. While his brother was winning hearts and minds all over the world, Seth was playing on 10-day contracts. Players always say staying motivated and working tirelessly on your game while waiting for the phone to ring is one of the toughest things to do. Seth did it, and is one of the best shooters in the game. 

Better than Steph? Not so sure about that one. 

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