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Darius Miles addresses the video of Cavs teammates doubting rookie LeBron


When LeBron James put the Cavs hat on and shook David Stern's hand, he was immediately the best player on the Cavs roster. But some of his teammates didn't see it like that.

In what has become a viral video after the '03 Draft, Ricky Davis, Smush Parker, Carlos Boozer, and Darius Milesexpressed their doubts about the 18-year-old rookie making an immediate impact in the NBA. It didn't take long for James to prove them wrong.

Now, almost two decades later, Miles, who said LeBron 'can just hop on our bandwagon, and hopefully, we can do something big,' tried to make amends. Talking to Raja Bell and Logan Murdock on the 'Real Ones' podcast, he took a trip down the memory lane and addressed his infamous statement, disputing it came from a place of jealousy.

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I went there every LeBron James game his senior year. I'm in the stands holding up the fu*king LeBron James sign. I went over to his house for Thanksgiving and had dinner. I know dude. If anybody wanted him to come here, it's me.

Darius Miles, Real Ones

So when that clip went viral after it was obvious all the guys on it were off with their predictions, Darius felt bad. Not necessarily for what he said, but how it was perceived. That's the message he tried to get across -- it was nothing personal, he wasn't being envious, it was simply a poor basketball take.

When I see that clip, or if anybody even got it misconstrued, they got a trading card, an upper deck card with a quote from me saying that 'LeBron James is going to be the next Magic Johnson.' They don't ever show that motherfu*ker.

Darius Miles, Real Ones

Looking back on it, that was a much better prediction. But Darius made sure people don't perceive this one as a personal compensation for what he said about LeBron in '03 and what people made out of it. Both were solely basketball takes. One was way off, and one was spot on. That's all there is to it.


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