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Damian Lillard on Paul George's incredible season: "That dude is the MVP"

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Paul George is having a spectacular season for the Oklahoma City Thunder. It seems he made the right decision when he decided to stay in Oklahoma rather than going to the Los Angeles Lakers who were the biggest frontrunners in getting George last summer.

The Thunder are currently sitting on the third spot in the western conference and even though the entire team is playing well, Paul George is the biggest reason behind their success.

Portland Trailblazers teammates Damian Lillard and Evan Turner also recognized the impact Paul George has on his team and the remarkable run they had for the past 10 games.

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It was unreal. Everybody is going crazy for Giannis and James Harden. Everybody I probably went up against and no disrespect to other teams, they're unbelievable. Paul is the best that we probably went up against all year. He's at a completely different level. It's hard to even explain. He's just in a great groove. He's in a great groove. He's playing great. They're on a roll. I've never performed at an MVP level but I've seen a few and he's an MVP in my personal opinion."

He's on a different level. After watching him for the last 10 games or so, I catch a lot of their games and then seeing him tonight, that dude is the MVP. If they keep this up he's the MVP

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