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Dallas Mavericks looking to pair Luka Doncic with Rudy Gobert as Utah Jazz chemistry issues emerge

Luka Doncic and Rudy Gobert pairing makes sense and looks frightening on paper. There's a chance of it happening next year.
Dallas Mavericks looking to pair Luka Doncic with Rudy Gobert as Utah Jazz chemistry issues emerge

There is a high possibility of Rudy Gobert leaving the Utah Jazz 

There are rumored chemistry issues in the Utah Jazz, and if the team decides to break up the core, Dallas Mavericks are looking to poach Rudy Gobert to pair with Luka Doncic.

Chemistry issues in Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz failed to advance to the finals despite fielding a strong lineup in recent years, and there is a growing belief that if the Jazz get bounced early in the playoffs, it would be the last dance for Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and the others.

Mitchell has aired his frustration with the team’s recent slide. It’s a pattern the Jazz hope to rectify as the playoffs beckon. One thing is clear: all is not well in the locker room. The tension between Donovan and Gobert surfaced earlier this year, but one damning evidence is the passes between the starting point guard and his starting center.

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Somewhere along the line, Donovan has lost his trust in his teammate. What else could be the reason behind this statistical proof that felt so wrong it seems like a typographical error. However, one team is waiting and watching the developments in hopes of poaching the defensive specialist from the Utah Jazz.

Dallas looking to sign Rudy Gobert?

Ever since the Dallas Mavericks lost Tyson Chandler, they didn’t have that defensive presence in the middle. To win a championship, a legitimate center with elite defense must be in their starting lineup. They tried to use Kristaps Porzingis in that area, but the experiment failed. If the interest in getting Rudy Gobert is true, this move will make sense.

The Mavericks bigs remain undersized with Norman Powell and Maxi Kleber while Boban Marjanovic is rarely in the rotation. Having Gobert changes everything for Dallas. He’d be the perfect pick and roll partner for Luka Doncic and could be that intimidating presence in the shaded lane that the Mavs sorely missed.

Who wouldn’t want to play with Doncic? He is a superstar who has already established himself in the league and still has more untapped potential. The same goes for Gobert, a proven veteran who won several Defensive Player of the Year awards.

ESPN’s Tim McMahon was short of confirming the interest from both parties in an interview published on The Lowe Post Podcast.

So, if the Utah Jazz loses Gobert in the summer, another Western Conference rival is looking to sign him. But, of course, things could still change depending on the outcome of the playoffs. But a Doncic-Gobert pairing should make the Mavs fans drool at the potential that it could bring to the team. 

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