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D-Wade on why he "feared" going up against Steph Curry


What's it like to defend Steph Curry? Dwyane Wade, who went up against the Warriors superstar 11 times playing with the Heat, Bulls, and Cavaliers, described the feeling.

Fear. You have a little fear. Not like you're scared of the guy, but just not knowing what he's going to do.

Dwyane Wade, NBA on TNT

That's one thing that sticks out just by watching Curry play - the fact there are so many ways he can test you. No matter if he's dribbling the ball, running the pick and roll, setting an off-ball screen, or just just "roaming around," there's no taking your eyes off Steph Curry.

When a guy's coming up, and obviously he has an amazing handle, but when a guy can shoot from anywhere on the floor, when he shoots going left and going right, and then when he gives the ball up, he's even more deadly with his cuts, with his screening, with his ability to come off screens, he's just impossible to guard.

Dwyane Wade, NBA on TNT

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It's his unmatched shooting ability that separates Curry from the rest, and D-Wade knows it. "I've watched him shoot shots that I'm like, 'No, that's not a good shot,' the 3x NBA champ said. "But for Steph, that is a perfect shot."

However, it's not the only thing that makes him great. Steph's all-time great offensive repertoire, although based on shooting, shouldn't be trivialized to the point that's all there is about this 33-year-old superstar. Sure, that's the thing that makes him different. But things that make him great are everything else people don't give Curry enough credit for.

What I love about him is his ability to give the ball up, the ability to play off the ball, his ability to pass the ball with both hands, and also his ability to go in there, and like we've talked about, he's a great finisher. People don't give him credit because we see the half-court shots, but he's a great finisher with both hands. This guy is phenomenal.

Dwyane Wade, NBA on TNT

From March 29 to April 19, Curry scored 30 or more points in 11 straight games, becoming the first player in NBA history age 33 or older to reach such threshold, passing Kobe Bryant, who scored at least 30 in 10 straight. In four of those games, Steph knocked down 10 or more threes, setting a new record for most 3s in a calendar month with 85 - and counting.

Steph is playing through the best stretch of his all-time great NBA career, showing no signs of slowing down. Whoever is guarding him, I bet they feel the same way D-Wade felt going up against Curry. "Fear" is the word, and for most guys, no quotation marks are needed.

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