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D-Wade looks back on Kobe's buzzer-beater over him: "Luckiest shot ever"

Kobe Bryant buzzer beater over Dwyane Wade

Kobe Bryant buzzer beater over Dwyane Wade

"Artest looking, gets it to Bryant. Bryant dribbling, has to put it up at the buzzer... BANKS IT IN! HE BANKS IN THE THREE AND THE LAKERS WIN THE GAME"

Wade's reaction to Kobe's incredible buzzer-beater

To this day, Kobe Bryant hitting a buzzer-beater over Dwyane Wade is one of the most epic clutch moments in recent NBA history. And even though the stakes weren't high -- it was an early December game, just over a month into the season -- Kobe's off-balance three-pointer is one of the most incredible highlights of his all-time great NBA run.

Now, eleven years later, Wade looked back on that moment and remembered what it felt like to lose what seemed like a sure win with 3.2 seconds left on the clock. But instead, Bryant pulled off a miracle, leading the Lakers to a 108-107 victory over the Heat, extending their win streak to eight games.

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Luckiest shot ever, Kobe Bryant hitting a game-winner on me. It was such a Kobe moment. I actually couldn't be that mad because I looked down and said, 'That's Kobe.'

Dwyane Wade, NBA

"Luckies shot I've ever taken"

Wade's comments over a decade later are in line with what he said right after the game. "If you told me before the game that it would be decided by Kobe shooting a one-legged backboard 3, I'd have taken that," Wade said. "The basketball gods were with him on that one, but we did a great job and did what we're supposed to do on the road -- give ourselves a chance to win. But a great player hit an unbelievable shot."

Kobe, however, refused to take much credit for it. Despite it being his 35th point of the night, and despite the fact Bryant was without a doubt the best tough-shot maker in the NBA, the only one capable of pulling something like that off, the Lakers superstar kept it real. "It was the luckiest shot I've ever taken, by far," Bryant said. "It felt good, [but] I just couldn't believe this ball might go in on this shot."

It's been over a decade, and we've witnessed many jaw-dropping buzzer beaters since. But a few are as impressive as Kobe's one-legged three-pointer over the outstretched hand of D-Wade, despite the two Hall of Famers calling it lucky. The way I see it, we were lucky to see it. Everything else doesn't really matter.


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