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CP3 says he felt "Stabbed in the back" by the trade


Isaiah Thomas getting traded by the Celtics was a cold shower for everyone, and a reminder the NBA is a business. But as ruthless as the business is, what players resent the most is dishonesty. Masai Ujiri telling DeRozan he doesn't plan to trade him and then shipping him off to San Antonio is a recent example of that. 

On one hand, GM's sometimes hide their intentions from players and their agents so Woj wouldn't tweet about it. This is a consideration they have to make. But if you want to be in the league for a long time, you can't develop a reputation of a person that can't be trusted. Seems that's how Chris Paul feels about Daryl Morey.

While on Kevin Hart's "Cold as balls", Paul was asked by the comedian if he was ever involved in a trade that made him feel like he was "stabbed in the back" and this is what CP3 said:

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"Absolutely. This last situation was one of them. The GM there in Houston, he don’t owe me nothing. You know what I mean? He may tell me one thing but do another thing. But you just understand that that’s what it is.”

FOr those of you that forgot, Morey was asked about the team back in June and said he would not trade Chris Paul. After that statement, he traded him to OKC for Westbrook. TO be fair to Morey, it became obvious Harden wanted that trade to happen and this is a superstar driven league. If Paul is salty about the trade, he should resent Harden as much as he does Morey. 

But, it is a business of personal relationships and there will always be hurt feelings when someone just tells you they shipped you to a different city. That city being Oklahoma City doesn't help either. 

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