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Chris Webber reacts to Draymond Green saying he's the best defender ever


"You know, I can go all around the league and find good defenders; I just don't think any of them are as good as me," Draymond Green said on the "Dubs Talk" podcast. "I think I'm the best defender to ever play this game. One hundred percent. That's my opinion."

Naturally, Green's proclamation caught the attention of the entire NBA community, and it seems like everyone's reaction is the same -- Draymond is an amazing defender, but to say he's the best ever is pushing it. That's exactly the case Chris Webber made.

It's no way to say ever. That's just crazy. Whoever agrees with him on ever, you don't know basketball. And Draymond should say what he says. Two things can be right.

Chris Webber, NBA on TNT

Webber is right -- two things can be true at the same time. With a defensive resume Draymond has - 16/17 DPOY, 5x All-NBA selections - and how versatile he is as a defender, the Warriors forward should think of himself as an all-time great. That's a mindset needed to be a champion.

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But there's a fine line between the two, and most people feel using a superlative is crossing it. And in principle, that may as well be true. But I don't think that's the case with Draymond, despite Webber listing some guys that are universally recognized as better defenders than Green.

I just like reminding people of some names: Bill Russell, Kobe, KG, GP, Dennis Rodman. If I'm Draymond, I'm saying that a 100%. In the game today, I don't have a quarrel. I just have a quarrel with anybody in the world who says 'ever.'

Chris Webber, NBA on TNT

Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kawhi Leonard -- the list of all-time great NBA defenders goes on. But no one can argue Draymond's name doesn't belong on it. Depending on the time frame, position, or size criterion, he may as well be on top of some.

Does that make him overall the best ever? No. But as C-Webb said, 'two things can be right at the same time.' That's why no one should hold it against Draymond for declaring himself the best defender of all-time. And that's why I don't think he's being delusional.

It's confidence, and whenever there are facts to back it up, at least to some extent, I'm all for it.


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