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Chris Webber explains who is the most disrespected player in NBA history

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During the new episode of the popular NBA show Open Court, the crew talked about a lot of things related to the upcoming NBA season. Chris Webber, who was also on this show, talked about the Warriors and their chances to make the playoffs next year after they made five straight NBA finals appearances.

Webber isn't convinced the Warriors have enough firepower to make the playoffs. He said the Warriors lost a lot by not having Kevin Durant on their team alongside the experienced veterans like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. All of these players gave the Warriors versatility and were great defenders capable of guarding multiple positions. Webber also said the Warriors have the most disrespected player in NBA history on their roster.

He was talking about one of the Splash Brothers Klay Thompson, who suffered a torn ACL during the NBA finals. It's not sure whether he will be able to play this season, despite the fact he is making recovering well from the injury. Webber believes Klay is essential for the Warriors because of his defense and his ability to score 25-30 points against every team in the NBA on a nightly basis.

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"The most disrespected player ever in the history of the NBA is Klay Thompson. He was their best defender around the perimeter. Klay is the reason why they had spacing because he could go around and be that. Without him, they may have problems scoring. It's their job to prove me wrong, but if Klay Thompson doesn't play this year, I do not see how they could make the playoffs. Even if he plays for one month, I still don't see how they could do it."

It will be interesting to see whether the Warriors might surprise everyone and once again be a contender next season. It will be of extreme importance for them to get Klay back because of his versatility; however, they will need to learn from their mistakes as a franchise and not rush him to get back because that can backfire as it did with Kevin Durant in the finals last season.

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