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Chris Paul talks about what makes this Suns team special


There is a saying that goes, “True gangsters work in silence,” in reference to how those who are truly respected and feared do not ask to be. If we believe this saying to be true, then after a regular season to remember and eight playoff games, it seems as if we can call the Phoenix Suns the true gangsters of the NBA.

Yes, Phoenix did acquire Chris Paul after an 8-0 run in the bubble, and sure they were a win away from the NBA’s best record this year, but even with all of that, no one seemed to pick the streaking Suns to get out of the first round as soon as they drew the Los Angeles Lakers. Yet here we are today, with the Phoenix Suns up 2-0 against the Denver Nuggets on the back of two blowout wins at home, now carrying the belief that only they themselves had at the beginning of the season.

“We have a really good team, and guys who are not afraid of the moment. Book can score in his sleep. Jae Crowder was in the finals last year, he has been through a lot”

Chris Paul, Game 2 postgame interview

For a team that was constantly doubted, to be where they are today must bring some feelings of vindication. With each win, the group of doubters seems to get smaller and smaller, and for those looking for an explanation for the Suns' impeccable postseason run so far, Chris Paul’s interview after last night’s win should give you all the answers you need. 

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Love him or not, Chris Paul is one of the game’s fiercest competitors and all-time great leaders. Couple that with the structure and discipline that Monty Williams, another coach from the Popovich coaching tree, brings to the table, and you should have a recipe for success. After all, Monty is one of the reasons Chris elected to sign with Phoenix in the first place. With the spirit and genius of the two, it was no secret that today was going to be a statement game for the home team as over the past few days, signs of how they were often overlooked made the news as this year’s NBA awards were given out.

Tom Thibodeau and Nikola Jokić were beyond deserving of the awards they received under the argument of doing more with less. It’s for this reason that when KD went to the Warriors, none of the individual awards were ever going to be headed the way of Oakland. Make no mistake about it, despite Monty and Chris being all about the team; they used this as motivation to rally their team to a dominant game 2 victory in a game where they could have easily relaxed after the string of wins they put together against the Lakers leading up to game 1 of this round. Instead, they did the complete opposite, applying pressure to a Nuggets team trying to steal home court and use their home court to give them another unexpected playoff series win.

As the saying goes, the Phoenix Suns continue to operate in silence despite the constant doubt they face from NBA fans and pundits. With their two strong leaders at the helm in Chris Paul and Monty Williams, just do not be surprised if these gangsters silently make their way to the NBA finals in July.

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