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Chris Paul shares how he destroyed Gilbert Arenas in a pre-draft workout

cp3 & gilbert arenas

Chris Paul was already a problem even before entering the NBA. Just ask Gilbert Arenas, who Paul claimed he once outworked and outplayed in a workout. CP3 let the fans know in an interview just how much Agent Zero inspired him and his career in the NBA. 

The closeness between Arenas and Paul revealed 

Paul knew he would get chosen in the NBA draft. The only uncertain thing at that time was which team would pick him. Like any other NBA hopeful, Chris focused on bettering himself by working out in the offseason. 

Before the NBA draft in 2005, a trainer who happened to know both CP3 and Arenas arranged for the two to work out in the offseason. Arenas admitted he did not think much about meeting Paul because it was the offseason after all, but Paul played hard, and he whooped his ass.

“I was killing Gil. I don’t care what he said, I was killing Gil this day.”

Chris Paul, via Fubo Sports

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Arenas may have been among the first who got to see the potential of Chris Paul first hand. He was taking it easy, but it was all business for the young point guard who was eager to prove he could play with the big boys. On the other hand, it may have been a simple workout for Gil, but for Paul, he would remember that day for a long time.

Paul did for Josh Hart what Arenas did for him

In 2017, the same trainer who hooked up Paul and Arenas for a workout, Idan Ravin, did the same thing with incoming rookie Josh Hart. Ravin called Paul to see if he could play with the youngster. CP3 obliged, and for him, it was what Arenas did for him, and the point guard knew how big it could impact the game of Hart.

When Gilbert Arenas’ name is mentioned, others could only think of the ugly locker room incident in his time with the Washington Wizards or his scoring exploits. This anecdote shared by the Phoenix Suns guard gives fans a glimpse of what kind of person Arenas is off the court. 

As for Hart, it’s now his turn to pay it forward and share what he experienced and learned from Chris Paul for the incoming batch of rookies.

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