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Charles rips Ben Simmons: "The team is going to be better once he's gone"

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The Ben Simmons-Sixers saga has been one of the most controversial and talked about topics in the NBA for quite some time. The fallout between the Australian star and the Sixers organization has continued to amaze us day in and day out, as the situation seems to be getting gradually worse by the minute.

After a disappointing playoff exit to the Hawks, the whole Sixers organization went into chaos, from Ben being the main target of blame to co-star Embiid and coach Doc Rivers basically calling out Simmons for his bad play. That left an irreparable mark on Ben's pride, as it was apparent already during the summertime that he wasn't planning on going back to Philadelphia, despite having four years left on his max contract.

That obviously caused harsh criticism from the NBA world, as all the blame Simmons got is warranted in the eyes of many fans. But as finding a trade partner that would send back a fair package in return wasn't easy, Simmons remained a Sixer at the start of training camp. After not reporting for days and losing out on a substantial amount of money, Simmons finally caved in and showed up at practice for one of the funniest and most awkward situations ever.

There was hope things would hash out between Simmons and the Sixers if given a chance, but yesterday's events shot that narrative down quickly. After looking disengaged, practicing with a cellphone in his pocket, and refusing to do the drills set by coach Doc Rivers, Simmons got kicked out of practice and suspended, only further prolonging the already tricky situation. 

The unprecedented situation obviously caused a flurry of reactions throughout the NBA world, as one of the loudest voices in the NBA community, Charles Barkley, shared his thoughts on the topic last night on NBA on TNT. As a former Sixer and Philadelphia native, Barkley knows a lot about the situation in the Sixers organization. In his eyes, there is plenty of blame to go around, but Ben is #1:

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"It's a joke. It's stupid, and it's silly. First of all, it's everybody's fault. Ben Simmons deserves the #1 blame because when people ask you to be a better basketball player and they paying you 35-40 million $, that's a very fair thing."

Charles Barkley, ">NBA on TNT

But Ben wasn't the only problem, as Charles also went on to blame the Sixers organization and head coach Doc Rivers:

"The Sixers deserve some blame because they already let this guy not improve and get one coach fired. They threw Brett Brown under the bus. And the third thing, Doc Rivers, last year, we had him on here:'You guys want me to take Ben Simmons out the game?'(mockingly). Yeah, we do; if he just gonna stand around and not shoot the basketball, yes, we do. So there's plenty of blame to go around."

Charles Barkley, ">NBA on TNT

To conclude his point, "Sir Charles" pointed out how the Sixers simply need to move on from Ben and get the best possible player in return, as anybody willing to shoot will be an improvement:

"On the Sixers end, the team is going to be better once he's gone. If they can get CJ McCollum, Bradley Beal, those guys are terrific players; you got another guy who's not afraid to shoot. You can't have a guy acting like that on your team."

Charles Barkley, ">NBA on TNT

Well, Charles has a point, as the Sixers have no other option but to trade Ben Simmons if they want to move forward. Getting McCollum or Beal would be a premium package, as it's hard to imagine the Blazers or Wizards giving away such big pieces for a player of Simmons's reputation. Especially after pulling all these shenanigans, what team would want to take on this problem. As if Simmons' trade value wasn't already low due to his game, these recent actions only made things worse for him and the Sixers. Unfortunately for them, a solution is not yet on the horizon.

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