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Charles Oakley disses players with tattoos: "They don't have muscle tone"


When you ask oldheads what they think about the game, they usually have nothing good to say. Their comments would revolve around how the current era soft is or how the 3-point shot has ruined the game. This type of rhetoric either brings good entertainment or pisses everyone off.

No muscle tone

Charles Oakley fits the profile of an old head that's not impressed by today's players. However, he did not comment on this era's 3-point shooting fiasco or that every bit of contact is a foul. His comment is about players who sport tattoos. He's not convinced that it's a form of personal expression. If Oak's concerned, tattooed players are hiding something.

"More power to them, but I think a lot of guys put them on because they don't have muscle tone. Everybody is just so skinny now."

Charles Oakley, Reuters

Oak's comments are way out of line but if you know a thing or two about him, you know where he's coming from. Not only is he tattoo-free, but Oak is known as one of the toughest guys in NBA history.

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In his first three years in the league, he was known as the young Michael Jordan's protector, especially against the savage Detroit Pistons Bad Boys. When he was traded to the New York Knicks, Oak further established himself as someone you don't mess with. He's had bouts with Charles Barkley and Dennis Rodman. And that alone says a lot about the Oak Tree.

Like LeBron

Given his harsh comments about players in today's NBA, one cannot help but imagine how Oakley would fare in today's game. Of course, the 58-year-old believes he'd beat up everyone with ease. And not just that, Oakley thinks he'd have the stamina of LeBron James, which would allow him to play for two decades.

"I would play lovely. I would have 20 (points) and 20 (rebounds) a night because they don't play physical... I would probably play like LeBron for 20, 22 years with ease. There ain't no physicality, so I'd be playing against myself."

Laugh all you want, but there's a lot of truth in Oakley's remarks. The man entered the league when he was 22-years-old and played up until he was 40. Even when he was in his mid-late 30s, Oakley still played a significant number of games and minutes. 

Oak's comments on tattooed players may ruffle their feathers. But it should be taken with a grain of salt. The man is just a competitor by nature. He will nitpick every little thing he sees, no matter how trivial.


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