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Charles disses Scottie Pippen for their Rockets days: "We didn't know Scottie wasn't going to bring Michael Jordan with him."


Charles Barkley is widely regarded as one of the best power forwards of all time. "Sir Charles" was a unique beast, dominating the paint at only 6'6'', achieving everything possible from an individual standpoint. The only thing missing from his remarkable career is an NBA championship. 

Barkley doesn't let it get to him, but that is often a subjet of ridicule when talking about him, especially from his co-workers at TNT in Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith. This time they tried to flame him for constantly saying he never played with great players, despite playing with legends like Julius, Erving, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Scottie Pippen, but Charles, like always, had a hilarious response.

"Great old players"

The iconic trio of Shaq, Charles, and Kenny was doing a video with popular YouTuber Kenny Beecham for the Trough The Wire channel, where they were reacting to some of the best highlights from their playing careers and Inside the NBA show. Like always, the three were hilarious, but Charles stole the show.

While showing a couple of vintage Charles Barkley dunks over Manute Bol, Kenny would point out how he played with Julius Erving and Moses Malone on the same team. Shaq would join him as the two started to press Charles on the fact he always says he never played with great players. But Barkley knew how to respond:

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"They were 122 years old...Every guy I played with was 102 years old. And when I got with Hakeem and Clyde and Scottie, we didn't know Scottie wasn't gonna bring Michael Jordan with him. But Hakeem and Clyde were 102 years old, so stop it Kenny! I played with some old great players. Not great players in their prime. You got Hakeem in his prime. I got him when he was prime rib."

Charles Barkley, ">Trough The Wire

In his manner, Barkley would roast his teammates, but all in good nature. We all know how much he respected Dr. J. and Moses coming into the league and how much he praised the likes of Hakeem, Scottie, and Clyde during his playing days. But the only dig that felt a bit personal was the one towards Pippen.

We all know about Scottie's recent antics and the book that raised controversial headlines in the NBA world. Pippen mostly went at his former teammate Michael Jordan, but even Charles Barkley got some of the heat regarding the Rockets' days. Pippen called him lazy and the one to fault for the Rockets Big 3 not working. Barkley didn't make too much of it, but he really smoothly used this chance to fire a slight dig at Pippen, all while complimenting his current nemesis Michael Jordan. 

Also, to defend Barkley's legacy, he really never played with a superstar in his peak. Entering the league with the Sixers, Barkley was on a great team with the likes of Erving, Malone, and Cheeks. But they were all at the tail ends of their careers. In Phoenix, Charles was a one-man show supported by a bunch of good players like Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Tom Chambers, and Danny Ainge. And when he finally formed that big 3 in Houston, Hakeem, Scottie, and Charles, to be fair, we're all out of their prime. It's a true shame a player of Barkley talent never managed to win it all.

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