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Charles Barley responds to Kevin Durant's IG diss: "He's sensitive Cindy"

Charles was unbothered with KD firing shots at him.
Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant

Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant

Over the last couple of days, the hottest story in the NBA world has been the Celtics sweeping the Nets and their superstar, Kevin Durant, failing to live up to the expectations. That naturally brought a lot of criticism on KD, and Durant, in his style, just had to respond. The ongoing back in forth between him and Charles Barkley has been front and center.

Riding the bus or driving the bus?

Kevin Durant has been glorified over the past two years as the best player in all of basketball, but the horrible showing versus the Nets opened a lot of fans' eyes. Charles was one of the first people to remind fans that this is not the guy that can lead your team to the end with his analogy about bus riders and drivers, implying he was simply along for the ride in Golden State.

It's a tough thing to say about a back-to-back Finals MVP, but it rings true. Having teammates like Steph, Klay, and Draymond behind him to pave the way and relieve the pressure made Durant look better than he actually is. And that's why Barkley always viewed Curry as the bus driver and KD simply as the rider on that Warriors team.

Durant and Barkley go back and forth

That is precisely why KD left a perfect situation in which he could have won numerous championships. To prove he can do it with his team and earn some respect around the NBA world. But once again, he has failed and proved he is not the #1 guy on a championship team. That obviously rubbed KD the wrong way, and in his style, Durant decided to clap back at Barkley via IG, posting stories of Charles with a couple of Hall-of-Fame teammates.

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I guess Durant tried to imply that Barkley was riding on his teams and not driving, but he is hilariously wrong. Putting pictures of the Sixers teams in which Charles started his career when Malone, Erving, and Cheeks were past their prime into their 30s. The same thing applies to the so-called super team in Houston with Hakeem and Pippen.

Well, last night, of course, Charles had to react to KD's response, but he didn't seem too bothered, roasting KD:

"That doesn't bother me at all, yall know better. It bothers him(KD). He's sensitive Cindy. He put a picture of me and three old guys on there. I got no problem with that."

Charles Barkley, NBA On TNT

Durant would continue clapping back at fans on Twitter and call himself a God that isn't touched by what people say about him, to which Barkley punched the finishing line: "God sitting at home with a play-in banner. I could put up stuff with him, and Russell, and James, and Serge Ibaka...Only point I was making. Life is different when you're driving the bus," Barkley explained.

Well, a classic KD Twitter argument in which he simply couldn't accept his failure or criticism by going back at a legend in a hilariously wrong way. Kevin, work on your NBA history and prepare before you fire away publically. At least now you have all the time in the world.

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