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Charles Barkley responds to Scottie Pippen: "You just going big-game hunting"


Even though he was known as that perfect and quiet side-kick for the better part of his career, Scottie Pippen has drastically changed his reputation recently, coming out with numerous controversial statements and shots directed at the likes of Michael Jordan Phil Jackson, and Charles Barkley to name a few. Well, someone has finally responded and shared their view on the whole Pippen drama, as Charles appeared on The Dan Patrick Show.

"You just going big-game hunting"

We all know Charles Barkley as the fantastic Hall-of-Fame player and hilarious analyst on Inside the NBA, known for his non-filtered opinions without sugar-coating that often make waves in the NBA world. But recently, he has been on the other side, with Scottie Pippen giving Barkley a piece of criticism in one of his numerous interviews.

While talking with SiriusXM NBA Radio, Pippen spoke about the failed experiment of the big three in Houston regarding himself, Barkley, and Hakeem. Even though they were all old at the time, expectations were high. But the season ended disappointingly, with a first-round loss. The reason for it? Hakeem being the shell of himself, and Barkley not being dedicated enough, in Scottie's opinion.

At 35 years old, Barkley did come in overweight, while Hakeem, at 36, just didn't have enough juice to bring his usual production. But it's weird to see Scottie come out with this now, 20+ years later. But that has been the trend with Pippen, giving us a lot of headlines ahead of the release of his book. Barkley sees through that, as he called out Scottie for hunting clicks and publicity:

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"I feel bad because it seems he is just trying to go big-game hunting because he's selling a book...When you go after Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, he came after me a little bit; you just going big-game hunting because you know it's gonna get some clicks."

Charles Barkley, The Dan Patrick Show

Dan tried to find logic in Scottie's outburst. He thinks the portrayal of Pippen in The Last Dance caused all of this. But Barkley doesn't think that justifies Scottie saying these things because there was nothing false in the documentary:

"When people talk about me, they get to bring up stupid stuff I did. Whatever happened, happened. You don't get to get mad about it. The stuff Michael said in The Last Dance was true...But I don't think it was Michael's intention to roast Scottie...When you bring all this stuff up, and you just happen to have a book coming out, that's what I think is the problem everybody's having now."

Charles Barkley, The Dan Patrick Show

Barkley did some crazy things in his life, which often gets mentioned, but Charles at least owns up to it. On the other side, Pippen obviously didn't appreciate moments like refusing to enter the game or delaying his surgery in the documentary. But those were all events crucial for the development of those Bulls teams. We saw the whole career of Michael Jordan and all the failures MJ had before finally overcoming his rivals in 1991.

Why would Scottie's bad moments then be excluded? Sure MJ was glorified and portrayed as the greatest of all time. But with a good case, as it definitely wasn't hidden under a rug that he couldn't get through the Celtics and Pistons earlier in his career. A great call out from Barkley, who responded like a gentleman and shared his disappointment in Scottie's recent takes.

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