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Charles Barkley responds to Pippen after his recent comments on him, Jordan and Phil

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Scottie Pippen has been at the center of all the media attention lately because of all the controversial statements regarding his former peers, most notably Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and even Charles Barkley. Most of the NBA world has backlashed at him, criticizing him for burning bridges with his former teammates and friends, most likely to sell his new book and liquor better.

We finally got a response from one of the guys he talked about, as Charles Barkley made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show and shared his reaction to Pippen recent controversial comments:

"I'm disappointed in Scottie because he's burning every bridge. I know he has a book coming out. Scottie was a very good player. I've always liked Scottie too. I never had a disagreement or argument with him. He's taking shots at Michael, Phil & myself. I'm just laughing because I'm like, "Man, we're 60 years old; we don't have beefs anymore." I think it's silly and stupid,"

Charles Barkley, via ">The Dan Patrick Show

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Even though Barkley is known for not holding back on his tongue, he showed some real maturity in his statements, emphasizing how he and Scottie are far too old and past their playing days for them to be beefing and calling each other out like immature kids. Also, like the rest of the NBA world, he judged him for basically running friendships and relationships for the cause of earning more money from his business ventures. For a long time, Scottie was well-loved in the NBA family, but that will be up for question after recent events. Is it a media stunt or something deeper? We will have to wait and see.

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