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Charles Barkley explains why LeBron James has arguably "the greatest story in sports history"

Charles Barkley shares a few reasons why LeBron has one the greatest stories in all of sports
Barkley shared a lot of praise for LeBron's career

Barkley shared a lot of praise for LeBron's career

Charles Barkley is convinced LeBron James has the most remarkable sports story, not just in basketball but sports in general and that he exceeded all the expectations that were in front of him.

The greatest story in sports history

Charles Barkley has seen a lot of basketball in his lifetime, and he recently came out sharing massive respect for LeBron, saying his story is the best in all of the sports, not just basketball. In a recent interview on Draymond Green's podcast The Volume, Barkley honestly said he was always on Michael Jordan's side in those never-ending debates about who is the GOAT. However, he admits everything LeBron did in his career is nothing short of remarkable, and Barkley put him in front of the guys like Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett. 

"I am a MJ guy, and let me make that clear, but I think what LeBron has accomplished is arguably the greatest story in sports history. For one, you look at Kobe, Kevin Garnett; guys like that they were not good players when they first got to the NBA. LeBron is the only player in my 40 years in the NBA who played great from day one. For him to turn into one of the best players ever."

One thing that stands out to Barkley when talking about LeBron is that he never got into trouble and has a clean slate setting a high standard on the basketball court. Ever since he came to the NBA at the age of 18, there was tremendous hype surrounding him that would get into a lot of people's heads if they were in his situation. Instead, LeBron stayed sharped and focused on his goals which brought him to be where he is right now, establishing himself as one of the best if not the best players in NBA history.  

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"He never got into trouble, especially in today's 24-hour news cycle with social media. For him to be great from the age of 18 to where he is right now, I think, is one of the great stories in sports history. Because he was that good from day one. As great as Kobe became and Garnett and guys like that, they were not good their first few years. LeBron was good from day one, and for him to never get in trouble and keep that level of excellence up, I think, is one of the greatest stories ever, in my opinion." 

Staying out of trouble

For Barkley, LeBron exceeded all the expectations that were set out for him by the media, and he did it more than anyone could ever imagine. Numerous players were labeled as the next Michael Jordan's, but only a few were able to reach that level of greatness. 

"LeBron is the only one who came with the "you are supposed to be the next great player, and he exceeded that. Between his greatness at basketball and what he accomplished off the court and to never get in trouble, is one of the most amazing things I saw in my life."

LeBron truly sets the right example as an athlete, whether you like other NBA players better. He set the bar high for himself as a teenager and pretty much accomplished anything you can in the league, and he did it multiple times. Describing his journey as the best in all of sports history might sound like a bit of a stretch, but LeBron made a lot of impact on the game of basketball and obviously on a lot of people with all of his off-court ventures. 

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