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Chandler Parsons responds to fans who said he was an overpaid player: "Short window, make your bread"

Chandler Parsons was one of the beneficiaries of the bloated salary cap in 2016.
Chandler Parsons doesn't regret being overpaid: "short window, make your bread"

Parsons would not go down as one of those NBA players who went broke after their careers. Asked what he did with the money, Parsons said he “doubled” it.

Chandler Parsons is in the consciousness of NBA fans not necessarily because of his skill but because of the massive contract four-year, $94 million he inked in the summer of 2016 with the Memphis Grizzlies. Fans felt he didn’t deserve it. What made them steaming mad was Parsons suffered a slew of injuries that ultimately prevented him from playing as many games as he should've. In short, he was earning millions while sitting on his sofa. On Twitter, Parsons recently addressed the accusations that he was overpaid and did not take any offense while offering some golden nuggets for those who want to be rich.

Make your bread

The salary cap jumped to $94.1 million from $70 million in the summer of 2016. A ton of role players got lucrative deals. One of the beneficiaries of the bloated cap space was Parsons. Via Twitter, several fans asked if he felt guilty about getting that amount of dough despite not playing much. If you are someone who aims to be filthy rich, take Parsons’ answer to heart.

Another fan was more direct in his query. Parsons defended himself by pointing out that it was merely the salary he negotiated with the team. A fact that has been forgotten in these discussions was that Parsons literally tore his meniscus the season prior and had surgery. Despite his health status, the Grizzlies did not mind giving him a massive contract.

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Richer than ever

Chandler played just a total of 100 games from 2016 to 2020. A slew of injuries prevented him from proving he was worth that massive deal. An off-court incident also derailed his career for good. On January 15, 2020, Parsons suffered a concussion after getting hit by a drunk driver. Later, his doctors concluded that his injuries could be career-ending as it was more severe than initially diagnosed. He was waived a month later. Parsons officially retired in 2022.

Parsons would not go down as one of those NBA players who went broke after their careers. Asked what he did with the money, Parsons said he “doubled” it.

Whether Parsons is speaking the truth or plain bluffing is up for verification. But he seems a savvy dude who is well aware of the position he was put in. An NBA player’s career is relatively short. Those who make it to 10 years are ultimate professionals. Those who play for 15-20 years are the legends. But the fact remains the same: there is a ton of money to be made in the NBA. Go, grab it, and live the good life.

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