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Carmelo Anthony — the 64th best player in the world?

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Carmelo Anthony, according to the worldwide leader in sports, is ranked as the 64th best player in the NBA. Just let that sink in. As has since been made public knowledge, Carmelo is one of only 4 players to average over 20 points per game every year of their career, the other three, likely guys you have heard of. They are LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Michael Jordan. Fourteen straight years for Melo, fourteen years over 20 ppg and we are to believe there are currently 63 players in the league better than him.

Let’s just break that down. In a league of 30 teams, that means there are on average, 2 players on every team better than Melo, and a few teams have a third. Of course, that is not how things are broken down on this ESPN ranking, however, it is nonetheless, preposterous to consider him the 64th best player in the league. By no means am I a Carmelo sympathizer and I think he warrants every bit of criticism he gets in regards to his lack of effort on the defensive end, his lack of playoff success, and more, but none of that equals him being ranked that low.

Whichever way you spin it, the man is still virtually unguardable, and he can give the greatest of defenders buckets on any given night. He is still one of the premier closers in the league, even on a miserable Knicks team, as evidenced by his 5 game winners a year ago. However, this list is about individual player rankings.

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You mean to tell me that a guy like Jae Crowder, someone who has earned every shred of respect he gets and I would take on my team any day of the week, is nearly 30 places higher than Carmel Anthony? That’s right Jae Crowder is ranked as 38th on the list, while Carmelo is stuck way back at 64 still sitting behind rookie Lonzo Ball. It just does not make sense.

Once he gets traded, because he is getting traded, he will have one of the best seasons he has had in years, and ESPN and all other Melo naysayers will backpedal at an alarming pace. Carmelo Anthony has suffered injuries and has had his share of down moments in New York, but the level of disrespect being thrown his way is not warranted for one of the leagues truly greatest scorers of all-time.

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