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Candace Owens blasts LeBron James: "I don't think LeBron means to do bad, but he has a low IQ"

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens was extremely critical of LeBron James saying he has low IQ especially when he is talking about political and social issues
Candace Owens blasts LeBron James: "I don't think LeBron means to do bad, but he has a low IQ"

Candace Owens blasted LeBron James, calling him uneducated and promoting wrong values on the massive platform he possesses.

American conservative author and political commentator Candace Owens blasted LeBron James, calling him uneducated and promoting wrong values on the massive platform he possesses.

Owens thinks LeBron is highly uneducated

When you are a superstar and a well-known athlete like LeBron James, you are frequently involved in other spheres of life that are not necessarily related to the sport you are playing. Respected and popular athletes are often asked about their opinions on various matters related to politics, social issues, and various other topics. Even though athletes themselves are not experts in those fields, many people care about their opinions and have massive platforms to promote specific ideas.

In a recent interview for the Full Send Podcast, conservative political author and commentator Candace Owens talked about LeBron James and the problem she has with how he influences people who follow him closely. She believes LeBron is not a bad person but an uneducated one that doesn't understand the world around him.

"I usually go after LeBron because it's important for him with the platform that he has. Just to be clear, I think LeBron is a well-meaning person, and I don't think LeBron means to do bad, but I just don't think he is that smart, I really do. I think LeBron is low IQ."

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LeBron needs to use his platform differently

Candace based her opinion on the numerous interviews where he heard LeBron speak about various issues not connected to basketball. LeBron supported the Democratic party and some of their policies, which contradicted her beliefs and what she stands for. Owens also believes LeBron needs to educate himself on many issues regarding American society before he speaks out to his large audience.

"I heard him speak about issues, and he is just so wrong. He carries an arrogance with him that is hard when you are being called the king, and he is an incredible talent; there is no doubt about that. If you are not educated about something, you shouldn't speak about it. I would rather for him to be quiet than telling his people a lie. He needs to do the work of actually becoming educated about these issues, and it's not hard. It really isn't hard to look up data and to look up the facts. With the man of his kind of money, he doesn't even have to look up data because someone can send him a list of bullet points, hey this is what is actually going on in American society."

Owens even went that far to compare him to the late great Kobe Bryant in that sense and, according to her, was much more knowledgeable about a lot of things and didn't let himself be fooled by the media.

"LeBron James frustrates me because he has such a big platform and the power to do so much good, but he is not Kobe. I absolutely loved Kobe, and I think Kobe was extremely educated, and he wasn't someone the media could play."

Athletes with immense popularity love to step outside their usual habitat and involve themselves in other things, often raising their voice about various issues. LeBron talked about racial and social injustice in American society, which contradicts what Owens believes and stands for in this specific case. This is where the clash comes in and why she felt she needed to set him straight in hopes he would potentially change his mind and influence the people that follow him differently.

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