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Cam Johnson reveals his girlfriend got harassed during a game in last year's Finals

There is no place in basketball for this kind of behaviour.
Cameron Johnson and his girlfriend

Cameron Johnson and his girlfriend

One of the biggest outtakes from Game 4 between the Mavs and the Suns was the incident between Chris Paul's family and a Mavs fan. Thankfully the fan got thrown out and banned, but it sparked CP3's teammate to share a story from last year's Finals involving his girlfriend.

Fans versus players

Fans being disrespectful has become a more occurring theme in the last few years with the NBA. Even the fans sitting in the front rows aren't as civil as they used to be, using the privilege to be so close to the game to trash players instead of enjoying the game.

Typically, it is common practice for families and close friends of players to be in the near proximity of the bench or court, being home or on the road. But that means they are amongst other fans, which can sometimes lead to tricky situations.

We saw how fired up Chris Paul got at basically a teenager, but when you hear that the fan was putting hands on his mother and wife in front of his kids, it makes you applaud CP3 for not punching the guy on sight. The whole incident sparked Paul's teammate, Cameron Johnson, to tell his own story from last year's Finals.

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Suns were playing in Milwaukee for Game 3 of the 2021 Finals, being up 2-0, and that obviously made the home crowd a bit testy. That was the game in which Cam Johnson posterized P.J. Tucker for one of the more memorable plays from that series, but his own family and girlfriend didn't get the chance to see it because of the trouble they found themselves in.

Kellan Olson reported that Cam told him his girlfriend got harassed a couple of times in that game without him knowing until after the final buzzer.

"Cam Johnson said last year during Game 3 of the Finals in Milwaukee his girlfriend had a towel thrown on her, got kneed in the back of her head and had beer spilled on her. His family didn't see his dunk over P.J. Tucker because they were in the concessions dealing with it...Johnson said the Bucks did handle it. Fan was thrown out and banned. He didn't even hear about it until after the game and was obviously very frustrated about his family having to deal with that harassment."

Kellan Olson Twitter

That sounds pretty crazy, but it's good to hear that the Bucks security and management handled it perfectly, throwing out and banning the awful fans. Still, it's unfortunate that they didn't get to see one of the best plays in Cam's career.

Situations like this are inevitable with the number of people and alcohol in the arena, but that shouldn't stop players from wanting to bring their families to games no matter where they play. Hopefully, the security gets better and eliminates these types of situations from happening more frequently.

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