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Buddy Hield broke a Steph Curry shooting record


It's hard to imagine someone breaking a shooting record that has Steph Curry's name on it. Curry is the greatest shooter ever to step on the basketball court, and it's always breaking news when someone pops-up in the same sentence as him. To break a Stephen Curry, you have to be an excellent shooter, and Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield is just that.

In the third quarter against the Charlotte Hornets, De'Aron Fox passed the ball to Hield, who shot an uncontested record-breaking three. That was his 1,000th career three-pointer, and it took him just 350 games to do it, which is the fastest rate in NBA history. The previous record-holder was Curry, who scored his 1,000th basket in his 369th game. In third place is Curry's teammate Klay Thompson at 372 games to reach the mark, and 4th is Damian Lillard with 385 games to reach 1,000 3-pointers.

Despite his record-breaking night, Hield is struggling this season with his shooting. He's shooting a career-low 37.7% from the field, and he's tied his worst 3-point percentage in a season with 36.9%. Although he's not shooting very well, Hield is third in the league in 3-point makes this season behind Curry and Lillard. But he's also attempting career-high 10.2 3-pointers per game. So maybe he isn't that confident about defending his NBA 3-point shootout title this year.

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"I don't know yet, to be honest, I've been having mixed emotions, you know, cover rules and especially I don't have no time with my family. Just trying to see how the COVID rules and the boundaries are set up. No clear cut yes yet, I'll just see in the next couple of days", Hield said about the upcoming 3-point contest and added that he received an invitation from the league to join.

Buddy Hield, Yahoo Sports

Last season Buddy scored 27 out of a possible 40 in the final round to beat Devin Booker and Davis Bertans, but it seems that he isn't among the favorites this year. It could, however, be good for him to add some silverware into his trophy cabinet since the Kings are having an awful season this year.

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