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Bradley Beals delivers a powerful and honest motivational speech to his AAU team


Bradley Beal is one of the most pleasant surprises this season, leading the league in scoring and showcasing an incredible offense repertoire. After John Wall departed from the Washington Wizards, Beal asserted himself as their leader and made an astonishing leap not just from a player perspective but also as a vocal motivator who takes care of his teammates and people close to him.

Beal showcased that the other day when he attended his AAU team play in a tournament game. Beal gave them a motivational speech on what they need to do to be great at their craft. These kids all aspire to be NBA players one day or at least make it to college, and Beal gave them a realistic view of how hard that actually is and what it takes to get to that level.

The game means a lot on and off the court. How you carry yourself, all that s**t matter. When you go to college, you don't get away with this shit. You get to the league you don't get away with because they take your breed. They are going to ship your ass off, or they are going to wave their hands, and you are not going to have a job. They will say, take the money, we don't even fucking want you. Those are the two options you got. I would never pull out my NBA card ever, but it's only 400 players. That means if you got chances of making it in the league, you have to play me. You have to guard me, and guess what, none of yall motherfuckers can guard me. None of ya'll are taking my job. I'm chilling. I can retire today and live on the beach for the rest of my life, and my mom and dad don't have to work another day or my brothers. That is the type of dudes you want to be. That is what you want.

Bradley Beal, via Heart & Hustle Productions

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Beal continued by saying that talent is worthless unless you work every day on your craft and try to perfect it as much as you can. Numerous players have an incredible amount of talent, and they don't make it, while on the other hand, we've witnessed players that had much less talent, but they worked extremely hard and eventually got awarded for their effort. That doesn't apply only to the NBA and basketball but also life in general and everything you choose to do.

Everything is grimme and gutter from where we come from, so everything will be that much harder for us. But guess what, when you have that type of talent, you have to take advantage of that, you gotta perfect, you gotta work on your shit. Because guess what, God will take that, and if you are not using it the right way, those gifts are gone.

Bradley Beal, via Heart & Hustle Productions

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