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Bogdan Bogdanović shared his reaction to the trade “What the fu**???”


The Bucks trading for Bogdanović fiasco could've been one of the most important blown trades in NBA history. For a while, it seemed the cost could be Giannis Antetokoumpo. Now that the dust has settled, the Serbian shooting guard shared his side of the story to Athletic's Sam Amick.

“When the news (of the alleged Bucks-Kings deal) came out, we were like, ‘What the fu**?’”

Bogdan Bogdanović, The Athletic

As Bogdanović explained it, he was home in Serbia and woke up to his phone blowing up. Twitter and messages from all over the place, not understanding what's going on. His agent told him this isn't possible, that he can't get traded yet. According to Bogdan, they were in the dark.

Before free agency started, Bogdanović was at peace with being a restricted free agent. He would be patient as his agent gets the best possible offers out there and then see if the Kings would match. As he puts it, there's very little freedom and a whole lot of restriction being an RFA. The main source of his frustration is a story we heard too often - bad ownership leads to chaos.

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After Vlade Divac was fired in August, Bogdanović got a call from the Kings letting him know they believe in him, that he's an important part of the team, and they want to keep him. Bogdan revealed the first call was from Joe Dumars, the adviser to Kings owner Vivek Ranadive and serves as chief strategy officer, and that another call happened with Joe and Kings owner Vivek Ranadive reiterating the same thing.

Then the Kings hired Monte McNair as the new GM. McNair, who didn't call Bogdanović and make any promise to him, was now in charge of running the team and make personnel moves. But it's all the same to Bogdan; only a few months after being "the future of the franchise," he found out the team tried to trade him illegally and not even keep him in the loop.

“When I saw that tweet about the Milwaukee stuff, I really saw it on Twitter. It’s not bullsh**. That’s why I felt caught off guard. ... And OK, I understand the business and everything, but you know at least you have to let your player know first. At least.”

Bogdan Bogdanović, The Athletic

You don't fire a GM, make promises to players, and only after that hire a new GM. This is not Monte McNair's fault. This is Vivek Ranadive and Joe Dumars being unprofessional. This is why the Kings are a perennial lottery team.

Just call the guy and say, "We appreciate everything you did for the franchise, and we are working on finding a great GM that will do the best they can to make us a winning team." Why is that so hard?

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