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Bob Knight explains why LeBron James is not even close to Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan or LeBron James? The infamous GOAT debate has been one of the most heated, controversial, and constant discussions with the clash of modern and old-school NBA fans presenting arguments why their guy is the best basketball player ever. There isn't a fan, analyst, coach, former or current player that hasn't stated their opinion on this topic, but when one of the most notorious coaches in history, Bob Knight, shares his views, you have to listen.

Knight is probably the most recognizable college coach ever, achieving legendary status at the University of Indiana and being known widely for his very loud, demanding, and strict coaching style. His demeanor didn't make him many friends, but it brought wins. He also led the 1984 USA Olympic Team, where he had the chance to coach a young Michael Jordan and see first-hand what kind of talent is brewing there.

Knight shared his opinion on the LeBron-Jordan comparison and shared why he thinks Michael was simply the best by far in an interview from 2017:

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"The best guy to ever play the game is Michael Jordan, don't even think about anybody else. Not even close. Because he was just better than anybody, he was smarter, he was tougher, he won more...having Michael play on our Olympic team was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to work with him on a team,"

Bob Knight, via Wane 15 News

Knight also went on to make a difference between the best player and the most valuable player, saying Jordan was the best, but Bill Russell is the most valuable because of all the championships he brought to Boston. Knight falls in line with most of the coaches and players from that era that have no doubts about Jordan being the best ever, but as more younger generations get to watch LeBron throughout his career, the number of his supporters is rising. Will it be big enough one day that it has more supporters than Jordan? We will just have to wait and see. One is for sure; both of those greats will always be on the top of the list when it comes to GOAT conversation.

LeBron is entering his 19th NBA season, and although he's not in his prime anymore, James has a few more good years at the highest level. So, while we're all anxiously awaiting the NBA season to start, don’t forget about NBA betting and other Virginia sportsbook action! Because with Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook accompanying him, LeBron might win a few more chips before hanging up his boots.


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