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Blake Griffin on Kevin Durant’s scoring “I have never seen a player be less affected a defender”


Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant battled many times as players of opposing teams before joining forces in Brooklyn. After getting a close look at KD last season, Griffin shared his first-hand experience of just how lethal KD is up close. In his own unique way, KD is on a very short list with guys like MJ and Shaq - if it's his day, there's nothing you can do.

BG on KD’s scoring: He’s unbothered by great defense

Blake joined the Nets with the understanding he had to re-establish his reputation in the league. With KD, Harden, and Kyrie on the team, Griffin was OK with being a facilitator and a role player. It turned out, the best course of action was "give the ball to KD and get out of the way."

“You're just like what, how did he just... it's honestly the stuff that's most impressive to me is like you know, dribble, dribble like pull-up mid-range where the hand is facing, just hit it it's not really like it is like the spin move like the tough shots like that’s all tough but he just is so unaffected by any defender I have never seen a player be less affected by somebody than Kevin Durant.”

Blake Griffin, The Old Man and The Three

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Sometimes, a player needs to understand what motivates other players every day and what they do to become who they are on the court. In the case of Blake and KD, fans and fellow players know that Durant is a ruthless scorer, but it still surprised Griffin to see how the former Golden State Warrior seems unguardable at times. 

The confidence of Durant did not happen overnight. He worked his ass off in the offseason to further sharpen his skills, and even if he is already a good player, that did not stop him from aiming to be better or an all-time great.

How Griffin, KD, and the Nets plan to bounce back

The Nets suffered a meltdown against the Milwaukee Bucks, considering Brooklyn had a 2-0 advantage. Before the series started, most fans thought a loaded lineup of James Harden, Durant, and Griffin was too strong for Milwaukee. But Bucks dug deep, and injuries to Kyrie and Harden gave them an opening to advance to the Finals. Brooklyn lost in Game 7, but experts expect the team to bounce back big time next season with a healthy lineup and a few additions such as the returning LaMarcus Aldridge, Paul Millsap, and Patty Mills. 

Brooklyn will have a tough time fending off challenges from the defending champs, plus a retooled Los Angeles Lakers and improved Miami Heat. For the former Slam Dunk champion, he has seen enough to know that no matter who the defender is, KD will always be KD on the offensive end. Just get him the ball and get out of the way.


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