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Bill Simmons shares why he doesn't believe in the Clippers 'I just don't like their team'

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After Paul George and Kawhi Leonard teamed up in Los Angeles with the Clippers, many predicted the NBA championship is only a matter of time for this squad. They already had a great supporting cast but ended up short in the last year's playoffs which was somewhat a surprise for a team with that amount of talent. This season, they switched it up a bit in terms of some roster changes and are currently sitting on the 4th spot in a very competitive western conference.

In a recent podcast, The Lowe Post, Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe touched upon the Clippers and their chances to win a title this season. Simmons is not convinced the Clippers have what it takes, and apparently, the team should make some changes soon if they want to take it to the next level. Simmons insists they trade Lou Williams, who hasn't proved to be a great playoff player that can add value to the team.

I just don't like their team. I don't like the make-up of their team. I don't like the players together. I look at this Clippers team. Who is making somebody else better on that team? It's a bunch of cars parked in the same parking lot. They're just kinda in their own spaces. I really thought they needed to make a trade. I don't think they can go another playoff with Lou Williams. He's a terrible playoff player.

Bill Simmons, via The Lowe Post

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Simmons didn't stop there and is convinced other players on that squad are not a great fit for each other. They don't compliment each other, and on top of that, their star player Paul George hasn't been consistent enough to convince Simmons he can be that guy to make crucial plays when it matters the most in important playoff games.

Beverly is not nearly enough offense. Morris is a ball stopper. I don't trust Zubac. I don't trust Nic Batum at all. Just wait till down 3-2, Game 6, a minute left down 2, he's wide open in the corner. That thing is hitting the side of the backboard. This team is going to go war for four straight rounds? I don't see it. Not to mention George is all over the place. There was a story the other day PG he'd skipped a game due to dizziness because he had too much coffee. This is the shit that happens to my son.

Bill Simmons, via The Lowe Post

There is still a lot of time left in the regular season for the team to make certain changes on their roster if they can find a team willing to trade pieces they need. The other option is that they stick to their existing roster in hopes the guys will build the chemistry necessary for them to be a serious championship contender. Whatever decision they make, it will be interesting to see if the Clippers will finally get over the hump and potentially surprise everyone this season, obviously in a pleasant way.

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