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Bill Simmons on Jalen Green being selected in the All-Rookie First Team: "F**k Jalen Green, I don't care if you score 40 points and your team is 19 and 60"

Bill Simmons keeps it real on Jalen Green being a good rookie on a losing team like the Houston Rockets
Bill Simmons criticizes Jalen Green as one of the best rookies in the NBA

Jalen Green had a solid rookie season on the worst team in the NBA

Bill Simmons openly criticized Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green on his podcast. Even though it was through a joke, Simmons said Green doesn't deserve to be in the All-Rookie First Team because the Rockets have the worst record in the league this season. 

Green had a solid season on a losing team

If you look at the numbers, Jalen Green had a solid first season with the Rockets. He played in 67 games while averaging 17 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 2.6. assists per game. He was also reasonably efficient, shooting 43 percent from the floor, which is not that bad considering he is only 19 years old. However, all that means nothing when you are on a losing team, and your effort doesn't result in more wins. 

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While talking on his podcast, Bill Simmons discussed which rookies deserve to be in the All-Rookie First Team and when mentioning Jalen Green's name, Simmons couldn't hold back on why he doesn't believe Green deserves the spot. He even suggested how the New Orleans Pelicans rookie Herbert Jones is more deserving because his team is fighting for the playoffs while he has a significant contribution to their success this season. 

"Fuck Jalen Green. I don't care if you score 40 points and your team is 19 and 60, congratulations. Herb Jones is guarding dudes at real games. Now the Houston people are going to be mad at me. I am sorry I love winning players. Jalen Green will get there but the team was 21 and 61 this year."

The Rockets have a lot of talent

The Rockets are the worst team this season in the NBA, winning only 20 games, and because of that, you can see where Simmons is going with his argument. The Rockets are not a winning team, and even though they have a young and talented squad, it will take them a few years to get back in the playoff picture. Jalen Green will be an essential piece of the Rockets' success in the future because of all the talent he possesses.

As a 19-year-old, only the sky is the limit for Green, and there is no question he is among the best rookies this season. However, he will have to continue to work hard to expand his craft and hopefully put the Rockets in a chance of competing for the playoffs sooner than we think if a few other things fall in line for the franchise in Houston. 

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