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Bill Laimbeer explains why LeBron is the GOAT instead of Jordan

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The legendary 'Bad Boy' of the Detroit Pistons, Bill Laimbeer, made a guest appearance on ESPN's show First Take. Laimbeer, who is probably one of the most hated players of all time, talked about the Pistons, their impact on the NBA, and what made them so successful. He also indulged in one of the most popular debates among basketball fans on whether LeBron James is a better player than Michael Jordan. With the rivalry between Jordan and the Pistons, who were the only team to actively beat the Bulls in the playoffs, it was evident which player out of these two would Laimbeer choose.

"I'm very vocal about this. I think LeBron is the best player that ever played the game. He is 6 foot 8, 285 pounds, runs like the wind, and jumps out of the gym. More importantly, when he came into the league from day one, he knew how to involve his teammates to win. That is something Jordan had to learn for a long time.

Bill Laimbeer, via ESPN

Laimbeer is realistic and said that if people look for the number of the championship, of course, they will go with Jordan as the GOAT, but he believes LeBron is a type of player that would dominate in any era of basketball.

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"If you go by championships, obviously Michael Jordan has more championships, but I think LeBron would do in every generation what he is doing right now and all these years. At the end of the day, I firmly believe he is the best basketball player in the history of the game."

Bill Laimbeer, via ESPN

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