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Bill Burr slams the NBA and superstar players: 'Grow a d**k and lead the team'

bill burr & lebron

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most famous NBA franchise with an enormous fan base globally, and rightfully so. They are tied with the Boston Celtics for the most titles won in NBA history, and with the influence of Hollywood and all the glamour surrounding the team, it's not surprising why they are so popular. However, many fans genuinely dislike the Lakers, and one of those people is the famous comedian Bill Burr.

If you know anything about Burr, you'll know he is an avid Celtics fan, so he's obviously pretty biased about it in the first place, however in his recent podcast, he made some pretty interesting arguments on why the Lakers don't deserve to be marveled at as they are at right now.

Burr is convinced the Lakers have the upper hand compared to other teams because they have more money to spend, and the fact they are a more extensive market allows them to be more competitive than other NBA teams. Looking at the free agency this year, you can definitely conclude that the Lakers did a good job despite their team consisting primarily of veteran players. Burr still argues that the trend in the NBA where star players are reuniting is terrible for the league and its product. The worst part about the whole situation is that no one calls out the players for them uniting to win championships.

I keep trying to stop bitching about the Golden State Warriors with KD, Brooklyn Nets, the Lakers every other year and all of that s*t. I'm getting sick of talking about it. But it just drives me nuts. I'll put on ESPN thinking, 'this is gotta be it – they added too many free agents; finally, somebody at ESPN is gonna say something.' And they never do! They just act like it isn't happening. They act like it's good for the fcking league!"

Bill Burr, Monday Morning Podcast

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You can definitely tell he is taking subtle shots at players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant for the way they won their championships, predominantly in star-studded teams.

"I just find them excruciatingly boring and I don't like watching them and I just think they're bullsh**t championships, they just are. Grow a d**k and lead a team. Instead of buying everyobdy out because that is not sports. What is this, f***ing Oceans 11 of the basketball team?"

Bill Burr, Monday Morning Podcast

Many NBA fans feel the same way about the league nowadays and think the game could improve on so many ways. Teams in big markets with big-time players like LeBron in LA and KD in Brooklyn have the upper hand in getting better talent around them than other teams. That is why the Bucks winning a championship this year is one of the things Burr was happy about. Unlike in the last few years where stacked teams won championships, the Bucks drafted and developed their players and added a solid supporting cast that compliments them well.

You could argue what is fair and not fair about the NBA, but like before, big markets and star players dictate what happens on the market while attracting other all-star players to join them. Of course, nowadays, there is no longer the same rivalry between players as it used to be in the past, so those things are a recurring theme. Whether that will change remains to be seen.

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