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BEVERLEY ON CANCUN JOKES "I can’t even be mad. I gotta take it on the chin.”


The Damian Lillard-Patrick Beverley beef dates all the way back to seeding games. Here's a quick reminder of how it went down.

The Clippers beat Portland 122-117 following Dame's two missed free throws in a clutch. After the game, Beverley waved bye-bye to Lillard, the same way the Blazers' superstar did to George and the Thunder after hitting a series-clinching three in the first round of the '19 NBA Playoffs.

Thus began a chain reaction initiated by Lillard himself, after he reminded the NBA world about how he sent both Pandemic P and Pat home on two different buzzer-beating shots. Shortly after that, Paul George responded on social media, and Patrick Beverly joined in.

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Nearly two months and one of the biggest choke jobs later, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum had a blast, becoming the NBA's biggest trolls for the day. Thus began another chain reaction, the one that's going on to this day.

The only one who profited from this situation is Nick Van Excel. The Cancun joke will no longer be associated with the former Lakers' guard. Instead, it became a trademark of one of the NBA's biggest pests - Patrick Beverley. And according to Pat himself, he doesn't have a problem with it.

It's good to know Beverley can also take a hit. He sure knows how to hand out one or two.

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